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Sewing Machines / Re: Baby Lock Symphony anyone?
« Last post by caritasrainbow on Today at 01:17:22 AM »
Yes there is a button on the screen and yes there is a button on the machine. I've read and reread the bit about these buttons repeatedly. It is just a short couple of sentences. However, regardless of which button, or both being pressed, I've tried every combination, I can not get it to sew in reverse. I can absolutely get it to sew a reinforcement stitch, but to go in reverse for more than just a stitch or two, which are always right on top of one another, I can't get it to do it. To do the reinforcement stitch I press the button on the screen, then sew at least one stitch, then press the button on the machine.
I've tried making sure the screen button is off, and holding down the button on the machine, and I've tried doing it with the screen button on and pressing and holding the button on the machine. I've even tried holding down the button on the screen.  I'm clearly missing something as I know it can do this, but somehow I can not figure out the series of button pressing and the manual is very unclear on this point.
I am so sorry if I sound confusing, lol. My mom said when she had the machine she remembers having a hard time figuring this out also. Unfortunately she doesn't remember what finally worked.
Critiques / Re: Critique: Knit Dress
« Last post by Cherylanne on Today at 12:26:23 AM »
I too have enjoyed this critique and love the results. 
SWAP 2015 / Re: SWAP 2015 Discussion
« Last post by Cherylanne on Today at 12:25:22 AM »
CCL,  you are doing an amazing job.  Business shirts and pants are on my ''too hard'  list.

 I have made the odd shirt but to make 5 plus the other garments you;  is incredible!
Critiques / Re: Critique: Knit Dress
« Last post by aslipperysloper on Today at 12:24:07 AM »
kushami: Thank you. :) It's amazing how just fixing the shoulders changed the look of the dress.

sewsy:Thanks. Yes, people here are so helpful and knowledgeable, I'm very grateful this forum exists and that folks are willing to take time out of their lives to help a stranger.
Beginner's Sewing / Re: How do you learn sewing?
« Last post by rckendall on Today at 12:21:41 AM »
I found that the magazine that Piña referred to is still available, so I ordered one. I guess I need a balance of reading/studying, and hands on. I'm having fun with it and appreciate all the help I get here.

Heirloom and Hand Sewing / Re: Knitting IV
« Last post by sewsy on Today at 12:13:59 AM »
After a bit of indecision, I decided to go ahead and get the skein of yarn to finish off the second mitten. But, what to do with the rest of the skein? Well, the youngest DGS will be turning the ripe 'ol age of five in a few months. I decided to use the yarn and make him a pullover for kindergarten.

I got (sigh) another skein to contrast the royal blue I needed, picked out a navy blue; and found a really cute free pattern on Ravelry: So, this evening I'll start on his birthday sweater.

Glad to be finishing up the hats and scarves.
Beginner's Sewing / Re: A Recent Project Redone
« Last post by sewsy on Today at 12:05:20 AM »
" I believe I spend more time with the iron than with the sewing machine.  But, I guess that is what it takes."

It is indeed. Pressing IS sewing.
Sewing Machines / Re: Twin Needles and Twin Needle Machines
« Last post by Pina on Today at 12:01:26 AM »
Richard,you may want to read the comments in reply # 16 in this SG topic. I think Threads fall 2010 magazine “teach yourself to sew” is a good start.  ;)  There are several sewing with twin needles videos on Youtube.The size of the twin needle depends on the machine and the opening in the presser foot. It usually says in certain sewing machine brand model manuals whether or not one can use twin needles.
Beginner's Sewing / A Recent Project Redone
« Last post by rckendall on Yesterday at 11:55:16 PM »
A project that I did recently did not turn out very well, and today I made a much better attempt at it. The project was a simple sewing machine cover that I enlarged to fit an industrial machine. I had very poor success with all the square corners that were involved. This time I made a pattern that is similar to a rural mailbox, being round at the top, eliminating lots of square corners.

The first mistake was in the planning/dimensioning of the cover. I calculated the material length based on the stitch line, so when I pinned it together using the seam allowance, it was too short. Since the cover is baggy and oversize to begin with, I continued, knowing that I could adjust the hems when I came to that part. Probably another mistake was not cutting darts in the end pieces to help the seam allowances to conform better.

But, the stitching went very well, I pressed all the seams as I went, and when it came to the hems, I adjusted to suit. I also trimmed away excess material at the corners so that the seam allowances would lay flat. I carefully stitched the hems in one continuous stitch. All went well!

I realize that I didn't give all the details, but the important part is learning the discipline. Overall I can see that I am getting the hang of things. I no longer shy away from my iron and I also have my tailors board and a decent ironing board. I believe I spend more time with the iron than with the sewing machine.  But, I guess that is what it takes.

Thanks to all who have contributed to my journey!

Sewing Machines / Re: Baby Lock Symphony anyone?
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 11:47:16 PM »
caritasrainbow,does your Symphony have two reverse buttons ? At the front of the machine and another on the screen ? Please look in the manual for the reinforcement stitch.A Symphony pdf manual is down here.Sewing reinforcement stitches .... page 40.

Depending on the selected stitch, reverse or reinforcement stitches are sewn while the “Reverse/ Reinforcement Stitch” button is kept pressed. With reinforcement stitches, 3 to 5 stitches are sewn at the same place. With reverse stitches, the stitching is sewn at a low speed in the opposite direction.In addition, this machine can be set to sew reinforcement stitches (or reverse stitches) automatically. For details, see “Automatic Reinforcement Stitching” on page 43.

You have a wonderful sewing machine !   :)     :)
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