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Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (Spring Garden in S. Hemis.)
« Last post by SuziQz on Today at 04:41:58 PM »
Laurie, LOL!  I think since you have things to do with your life besides grooming the dogs, that's understandable.   ;)
sdBev, I just had a quick peek at your blog. Wow, you write such great posts! It is very informative for a more beginning sewist like me. It is so generous of you to make detailed posts with such clear illustrations of whatever fix issues you are working on. I'm learning a lot! And I like your style. Actually, I want to make that New Look vest #6249. I really like the shape and I think it would suit me. And I want to make one for my mom too. She has Alzheimer's and is always trying to put all kinds of things in pockets - but it is too hot in the home where she lives for her to wear a jacket. Somehow this looks like it could work really well for her. :-)

Wendy: I find that it makes sewing from stash challenging but interesting. Looking at each fabric (picked either for feel or color) and really try to understand what it can and can't become. I have fabrics I keep picking up and putting back down because they feel slightly off for what I'm thinking. Or others that I know what they would be perfect for but it's not a garment I want/need to make right now. As I'm leafing through the Drape Drape books, I pick a garment and then go look in my stash to see if I have a fabric that would really work. There is rarely more than one or two that seems exactly right! And it's not necessarily in the color I wish it was...
Chatter / Re: The Joy of Sewing. Well, really, Living.
« Last post by Stephie on Today at 04:16:54 PM »

Thank you everyone. Not much improvement here but he has a good team so we will see what happens in time.
Pina, I certainly hope that things have resolved with your son. You have had your work cut out for you if he has been a diabetic since a baby. A real balancing act and difficult for the whole family. How old is he now?

Prayers and good thoughts for everyone with health issues in their family.
Ann, glad that your husband is feeling a little better but it is a frustrating time for him in that he has always been an active man. Hang in there,
Sewing Environment / Re: Sorting The Stash (aka Taming the Beast)
« Last post by marie-louise on Today at 04:06:41 PM »
I don't have a stash per se, but I do like to keep 10-15 yards of assorted denims on hand for jeans. (When I find one I like, I buy a lot of it.)

I'm redoing my sewing room and I found the CUTEST storage container to slide into the corner of my L-shaped desks! Since it holds up to 200 pounds, my denim should be easy to move around! And since it is thick canvas, no light will get in on the sides.

Lookie here:

If anyone was interested in these, this weekend they are 15% off plus free shipping. I just bought a second one, saved $30. I LOVE the one I have... but somehow, it got filled.  :o They aren't cheap, but they are so well-built that they will last a lifetime.
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (Spring Garden in S. Hemis.)
« Last post by Laurie H on Today at 03:49:30 PM »
First of all, Suzi, I don't know what a perfectly groomed Newfie is!   ::)
Sewing Machines / Re: Brother Dream Machine vs Brother Deam Weaver
« Last post by sdBev on Today at 03:38:33 PM »
The more I hear about the Dream Machine, the more I want it. So thank you to all who replied and who might still reply.  If I have to pay the MSRP $15K, it's not in my budget which is why the DW second choice.  It's my experience that SM's are always on sale for one reduced price or another about 90 days after the initial release.  The DM is about a year old so I'm hoping....
Ulrike, sdBEV, , and others, I don't know about you, but this is making me realize that if I start a garment in the wrong fabric, I should stop putting effort into it as soon as I realize that, unless I am specifically trying to learn a particular technique that deserves repeated practice. Why spend time finishing carefully something that will never be worn in public? Do you often stop a project after realizing the fabric is wrong?

etd: extra close quote tag :)
It can take me a long time to realize the fabric is wrong.  So yes I'll finish takes pics and donate without ever wearing myself.  I do hope someone else gets a benefit from my error.
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Opinions on the Instant Pot
« Last post by granmomus on Today at 03:27:40 PM »
Well, because of all you enablers I bought an Instant Pot, I'm still in the learning curve, only got a few days ago, so far made 2 pots of rice and 1 pot of pinto beans, all came out so much better than my stove top way and even better than my rice cooker.
My husband who was grumping over another kitchen appliance that won't get used has become a convert and now my son-in-law wants one.
My next project will be ham/barley/veggie soup where I'll have to actually program in the time, not just push to auto button.
I have to admit it has me intimidated and a little afraid of it (grew up hearing horror stories about pressure cookers, never saw one in use) but I am committed to learning it, hope people keep posting here.
SWAP 2016 / Re: Wendy's Try Something New SWAP
« Last post by warpjr1965 on Today at 02:40:13 PM »

I am done with the muslin for the Simplicity 1366 top.  All I had to do was cut the proper size (8) based on my upper bust measurement.  This is a very boxy pull-on woven top, so my floral fabric will not do. It is not drapey enough for this style, so I'll sew it up in the batik this weekend. The batik is a nice green rayon, and I think it will marry well with the pattern.

IMG_4773 by wendyr, on Flickr
Chatter / Re: The Joy of Sewing. Well, really, Living.
« Last post by Ann on Today at 02:32:47 PM »
Stephie and Pina, I am hoping that your loved ones are doing better and that you are getting some much needed rest.

DH is feeling much better. He had to have a drain put in and is going to an outpatient clinic to have a nurse change his dressing and check it out. He has to still take it easy and not over do it but he is more mobile and happier.

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