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Photos of me wearing all the test tees.

New Look Grey, my least favourite.

Then the test of the Santa Monica Tee in a wild print.

Black and white print, sort of achoes the waves in my hair.

and black sparkle, which I wore for a choir event (It has tiny silver sparkly bits in the black fabric).
All the last three the sleeves are a bit long, but they are all viscose (rayon) so may shrink.
After all the practice raglan sleeve tees I was happy to go ahead and make a plain black one.

It is a great showcase for an interesting necklace

I have some fabric left over so maybe another version will feature lace somehow. But the basic will be useful in my wardrobe.

It is lovely soft fabric that will be pleasant to wear.
Fabrics / Help identifying skirt fabric?
« Last post by corinthia on Today at 06:25:57 AM »
So I know a few things about this fabric I'm searching for, but for some reason I have not been able to figure out exactly what it is!

I know it's silk or a silk blend, is extremely lightweight, has very few slubs, is black/dark grey and lighter grey shot, is not stiff, and is semi-opaque, but not sheer. I think it might be habotai, but I've never been able to personally see how habotai behaves/drapes in person, other than the few tiny swatches I've ordered. Can anyone corroborate if habotai behaves like in these pictures? Here are some pictures of the fabric I'm looking for:

I'm recreating the costume this fabric was used for, and would like to get as close to those pictures as I possibly can. Thanks for any help!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Taking Photos of Garments
« Last post by ejvc on Today at 05:42:41 AM »
No, 2013! It's from a 2007 magazine is all. Still a long time though, nearly 4 years.
Thankyou BetsyV, Ann, Karendee and RuthF for the compliments on the reptilian jeans, hubby said the fabric looked like snake skin which makes me want to run in the other direction, so I compromised and chose reptilian.

Now I need to make some other tops, at present the orange one gifted to me is the only plain summer top I have got.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: tailoring questions
« Last post by Manuela in Hong Kong on Today at 04:09:32 AM »
Yay, well done  :)
Can't wait for the pictures.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: tailoring questions
« Last post by vwgrant on Today at 03:57:31 AM »
Thank you all, it's done. (Well, except the thread chain anchor part. I'm fried after two long days of sewing) Between your comments, encouragement and some more research, I found the path forward! And it's done! Yippee, it's done! It's supposed to rain tomorrow so I may not even wear the darn thing to SF, but I'm so happy it doesn't matter. The cashmere coat from h*ll is finished! Photos to follow.
Sewing Machines / Re: Anyone ever heard of a Singer 185J???
« Last post by lydia on Today at 03:44:35 AM »
Great.  These are nice little machines - read the comments which stem from 2012 made for mine and marciae's machines.  You are a lucky person, albeit w/a bit of work ahead of you.  Most all of the  'old time' attachments will work on this machine.  Watch at Good Will, Salvation Army and vendor malls - shouldn't cost an arm and a leg.  Welcome to the club.....Lydia
lisanne, thank you so much for the detailed listing of  Peggy's
 webcasts. That was quite kind of you.

Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Taking Photos of Garments
« Last post by Karendee on Today at 02:45:49 AM »
EJVc, your 2007 blog post about this black skirt ahows how practical a well made solid wool skirt can function. That is a long time to wear a classic skirt with not negative wear.

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