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Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: The Colorful Closet
« Last post by Cherylanne on Today at 06:27:00 AM »

Have lots of the purple/green/black silk and thinking about long maxi shirtdress.   The red is rayon and reminds me of opals,  maybe a sleeveless dress?
    Small pieces of the last two.  I have some heavy peach skinned grey that sort of blends with both and  have been toying with making a grey top and using a bright panel for the back.  I think the pink and orange will be a simple top/shell.

At least we started!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: The Colorful Closet
« Last post by Cherylanne on Today at 06:06:22 AM »
Hi Miranda,  While waiting for the SWAP rules today I have been going through my fabric.  I have a few bright pieces that need to be made up,  especially as bright seem so much in fashion and we are going into party season  here.   I can be bright but not sure about the wild,  I will try.

The aubergine looks like a good match for the Vogue jacket pattern, it  reminds me of navy silk  I had years ago.   The bright rainbow silk is beautiful and speaks long summer dress or caftan to me,  I think it would fun to sip cocktails in. 

Will post pics and ideas.

I also love the electric blue fake fur.
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by craftmadclaire on Today at 05:59:39 AM »
The anticipation is killing me!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: The Colorful Closet
« Last post by Shannonfax on Today at 05:57:29 AM »
Miranda, do you wear maxi dresses? That would be a good way to show off such a nice print. And that jacket looks like it'll be gorgeous.

Manuela, your projects are so impressive.

I think I need to work more color into my sewing. I've been doing bold prints and neutrals, but the RTW pieces that I wear to death are largely jewel tones.
mahgret - the Endless Chain is a different set of wardrobe sewing guidelines, and has it's own message thread here

... although one could use the endless chain principal to create a winter 6pac as well :)
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Alabama Chanin
« Last post by indigotiger on Today at 05:33:03 AM »
aside from one tee shirt where I modified one of the free AC designs, all of the pieces I have done I made my own stencils from motifs that were either personally special or special to the friends I made them for... it is hard to pick a particular design because so many things look well, and the real challenge is making a design that is suited to the style of clothing you apply it to, and your personal style. That is part of what I see as the real genius of Natalie Chanin as a designer - her pieces work so very well
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Alabama Chanin
« Last post by KathrynT on Today at 04:48:48 AM »
I just googled botanical silhouette and found loads of lovely things that would work great as stencils - what to choose first??
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Alabama Chanin
« Last post by KathrynT on Today at 04:42:51 AM »
Hi Ladies, I've not posted to this thread, but drop in regularly to see if any new goodies have appeared.  Thanks for posting the picture of the new coat.  I went looking for it so I could see a picture of the stitching up close.  Back stitch, I like the look.  It would be more flexible and durable than running stitch, though more time-consuming.  There is also a very nice coral corset where she has used two layers of the same colour, but stitched with a stronger but similar (red or dark coral) thread.  I really like that look too.

Cherylanne, have your daughter and friend seen the originals, especially some of the close-ups?  It is very crafty looking even with knots and tails left on the right side.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sew what are you sewing this weekend? 2
« Last post by datcat23 on Today at 04:25:41 AM »
My sewing this weekend .... has so far consisted of cleaning 4 rooms, mopping and then drying the floors of those rooms, washing two loads, pretreating and soaking another load, shopping for vegetables and meat for the week, and photographing some charity items.    I did spent some time re-organising my sewing cupboard a bit, but actual sewing?  not a stitch so far. 
I'll finish the Sherlock coat spin off (a sleeveless coat for myself) - I only need to make the belt and sew on the buttons, and plan to cut two lace skirts (one in black and one in white).
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