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Regional Groups / Re: Canadian Chat 2
« Last post by Pina on Today at 02:32:24 AM »
I think that gov't has missed the boat a bit on this advertising campaign. Most people are horrified when watching it,

Judith,the video is not a government advertising campaign !   ;)   ;D I posted the video on my own.  ;D
Under the video its says...............
Kudos Volkswagen. What a brilliant way to communicate how risky it is to use mobile phones while driving.At the end of the video is a message to read too.

Over a decade ago my car was stopped at red traffic light and hit twice in the same accident by the same distracted driver.He stepped on the gas instead on the brakes after he hit my car the first time.He thought my car was moving,he played around with his car stereo when he rear-ended my car,he said he didn't see the brake lights on my car either.To this day I'm in pain caused by the accident.Every day I see people texting or talking on their cellphones.Our statistics are not wrong as far as accidents caused by distracted drivers.I know people who received a ticket for talking on a cellphone,it didn't stop them from talking on their cellphones. When DH had a van he noticed a car swerving all over the road in front of him.When he looked inside the car he saw a woman knitting while driving. No kidding !  ;)
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by Bohocute on Today at 02:27:23 AM »
I agree about the PLAN being part of the swap. I'm a follower of Carolyn's blog, so I was aware of her plan and saw her progress, which was fun and fantastic, but the other winner who didn't post here was new to me and kind of a let-down, although her SWAP was lovely, I missed the plan. I think that if you want to play along away from stitchers guild, cool, your prerogative, but maybe the popping in at the end should be addressed. Posting a plan in advance shouldn't be too big an investment or commitment. I really liked seeing new competitors though.
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by SuziQz on Today at 01:51:59 AM »
Happy anniversary from me, too, ladies.

Laurie, I'm glad you got some time with your DD and DGS.  So, what are the powers of a superhero witch?  Being able to fly without a broomstick?   

Jan, I heard about the recall, thought I'd better check to see if my Toyota was involved until I remembered that it's so old it doesn't have airbags.   ::)

I hope you feel well enough for hugs tomorrow.
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by DebbieY on Today at 01:51:05 AM »
I am really enjoying this conversation and can't wait to see where the swap rules end up this year and what garments will come out of it.

I have to agree with Garden Girl about the completed SWAP's just popping up at the end too. One of the best parts of SWAP for me is seeing the initial plans, the progress of garments as they happen, the changes to these plans as time passes and the final result at the end. I feel a little cheated if you only get to see the end result as you miss out on so much along the way. Just my humble opinion ...
Child's Play / Re: fleece sets, 1 down...
« Last post by Bohocute on Today at 01:33:32 AM »
Thanks Garden Girl! I can't wait to see them too! Hopefully they go together as quickly as this did. :)
OK. So, once I got done laughing at the whimsical fabric and suspenders, got my eyes to refocus, smirked at the "wild wood" backdrop and decided that when you asked what's wrong you didn't mean for me to reply "You're smoking."  >:D, I was glad to see your additional posts.

My thoughts: to judge the hang with the suspenders you really will need to add the waist band and put in the zipper. It looks like you might have pulled the area unevenly in the zipper area; that middle pin area looks crooked and that might make a difference.  The top pulls differently when just a single layer of fabric then it will when an interfaced band is there. Also, you say high rise, but it looks to me like you might need more added to the top to have them in the right place. The waist band will make that more clear. DH also has that  "very full tummy" issue going on. It's hard to get a pant to not look slightly saggy unless you go up onto the belly. That's a whole other can of worms.

I would also cut the pant leg a bit and baste a hem in there. Since the pants taper at the bottom of the leg is narrower and when folded up sort of gathers the leg. It makes it a lot easier to judge the hang of the leg. I'm very tall, long torso but short legs, so I always need to do that early on in order to tell what my pants are going to look like. Probably why I like crop pants so much.

And it is a great fabric. You use some of the greatest fun fabrics.

CCL, a gorgeous outfit. The bolero certain makes the outfit elegant. Great job on the fit.

Miranda, a cute pencil case.

I forgot to post my last fun project of the weekend. A narwhal pencil case! The machine lined zipper pouch makes yet another appearance in this project. This one is made a bit differently and it's really hard to explain. You sew the lining and outer fabrics to the zipper but then, rather than sewing the two sides straight to end up with a rectangular pouch, you fold them in on themselves to make it more like a tube. I sewed across the corners to create the narwhal's oval shaped body and added in the tusk and the tail before sewing the sides. Maya loves her little pencil case and named him Steve :D

Sewing Machines / Re: Elna Supermatic Zig Zag Questions
« Last post by Michael A on Today at 12:57:32 AM »
Theresa - Even though I sew 100% on vintage machines I agree 100% with Rene.  If you want someone to learn to sew get them a good and easy sewing machine.  Regarding the Elna, I have read that they have very touchy speed control and if they haven't been sewn on continuously they almost invariably have a drive wheel that is out of round and will make the machine noisy and vibrational.  I didn't mind having issues with all the machines I bought because I would often times as soon tinker as sew.  But I passed on a known to work Elna Supermatic with only one foot and the zigzag cam for $17.50 the other week.  If you are willing to let time pass and are careful you can get some great vintage machines that sew great and are very reliable.  If you want someone to learn how to sew you can have a machine tomorrow and start teaching them to sew.

Just my two cents,
CCL, you look absolutely gorgeous in your jacket/dress ensemble. The style and fit shows your shape off to perfection. Beautiful!

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