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Chatter / Re: Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by bookish on Yesterday at 10:54:21 PM »
Ah, the slippery slope when you read Michael Dirda and the Barnes Noble reviews.   ;D ::)  Let's just say that the Bookish household is not as tidy as it might be.  And here's my excuse for now...

Todd Downing mysteries:
Written in the 30's by a part Choctaw professor at Oklahoma University.  He was fluent in Spanish, Choctaw, French, Italian.  He wrote mystery reviews (great fun to read what was hot stuff in the Golden Age) and led tours to Mexico.
His novels are in the old 'fair play' school where all the clues are there but the reader is bamboozled.   His novels were selected for Crime Club and reviewed enthusiastically. 
What I love about them is their period details (how to behave on a Pullman car), but mostly his love and appreciation of Mexico which he knew well.   He wrote seven Hugh Rennart (US Customs Official) mysteries which are his best.  The first of the series is Murder on Tour but (so far) my favorites are number 2 and 3... The Cat Screams and Vultures in the Sky
Curtis Evans has collected Downing's reviews and has written a biography of Downing in Clues and Corpses. 

Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Summer 2015 6PAC (6-Piece Sewalong, May-July)
« Last post by Penwalk on Yesterday at 10:49:02 PM » has  created a capsule using her patterns.
I'm interested in the Prairie...  you can PM me
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Lagenlook Sew Along-Month 4: BOTTOMS!
« Last post by twotoast on Yesterday at 10:14:35 PM »
Thankfully I dress for myself and couldn't care less what anybody else thinks of how I dress.

Here, here.  I read an article on the 'Curvy Sewing Collective' (can't find the article now, it was a month or two ago) where one of the writers was talking about the word 'flattering' and how she felt undermined/insulted by the comment - did it mean that she didn't look good at other times?  At the time I thought it a bit of a pity party - after all, who doesn't like a compliment?  But on reflection, I can see what she means.  I dress to please myself - and usually my husband is pretty pleased as well.  There are clothes that he prefers, and then those that he doesn't.  Whilst I listen to what he says, if we are going out together - I am more likely to wear something that he prefers - well you would, wouldn't you?  I wouldn't not wear something because someone else doesn't like it  Why should we dress differently because someone else thinks it is 'flattering?' 

So there!  I am 50 and wearing TG clothes!

I have to agree with some of Gertrude's comment though.  I made up a Phoebe top with a white under layer and a gorgeous tiny patterned blue outer layer - and I looked like I was wearing on of my grandma's aprons  :'(
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Lagenlook 2
« Last post by mrs.eccentric on Yesterday at 09:16:18 PM »
Welcome Nikki!!

Hey all, we've got a mind reader on board :) I saw project minima referred to in some of the comments at The Director of Awesome's blog and meant to look her up, but got bogged down/distracted/etc. Thank you Nikki for reminding me and making it easy for us to check out this blog!
Nice work twotoast.  I am wearing a lot more lagenlook now.

My 6pac is as far as candidate fabrics laid out on the guestroom bed [no guests expected until August].  I have found the muslin for my little French jacket -- just needs to be sewn back together for fitting and maybe some fiddling with the sleeve.  I am considering changing the neckline to a lower vee but that decision can be made during the construction process.  I have everything I need for actually 2 jackets now -- silk thread order should be en route.  I just bought a book on knitted trims so I'm going to have a look at it to see if there's something for trim that I like better or will complement what I have.

The May issue of The Look is out and I am finding myself quite taken by the longer skirts -- me who almost never wears a skirt!  Skirts are certainly attractive in terms of ease of fitting, time to make and a skirt would definitely work with the jacket(s).  I am also tempted to make Kathleen Brenne's new Vogue skirt  There are instructions for making it in chiffon in the Vogue Pattern Magazine [current issue] and I have chiffon that's looking for a project.  It's more of a lagenlook piece.  The draping is done with ties on the inside so it lays flat for ironing and travel.

I am not doing so well with tops suitable to go under the jacket as I'd like something a bit different than my TNT shoulder princess tank.  I was reading Modern Pattern Design: The Complete Guide to the Creation of Patterns as a Means of Designing Smart Wearing Apparel Hardcover  1942 by Harriet Pepin (Author) yesterday and I am fascinated by the variety of bodice designs shown.  Today's fashions, especially RTW, are so simple by comparison.  Marfy is the only pattern source of contemporary patterns with this kind of detail.

I am rather going off in all directions -- got to focus and start sewing!
Yesterday I made a sway back alteration to some RTW pants from last summer that I decided would look and fit better with the alteration. Took a bit longer than anticipated as I had to lengthen the darts but they look and feel much better.

Today I've stitched up the back pockets on another pair of pants and cut off the pocket bag. I hate back pockets so am glad they are done. I'm also part way thought shortening some joggers for my husband. I gave up as the light was bad and they are navy blue. They should be finished tomorrow, as there is just one hem to coverstitch.

Feel as if I've achieved something this weekend as they've been on the 'to do' pile for ages!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Lagenlook 2
« Last post by nikkiraego on Yesterday at 09:09:42 PM »
I haven't been doing much sewing which means I don't post much, but I do read!  I came across a very interesting blog named  (I hope I made the link right.)  She sews some amazing Tina Givens, the Tiltons, and others.

Introductions / Re: New from Colorado
« Last post by B in MI on Yesterday at 09:08:28 PM »
Hi Katrina, 

I was stopping by to welcome you and you started talking about a german shepherd puppy, and I wondered who else has one. I'm glad you like them.


Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Alabama Chanin
« Last post by M lambie on Yesterday at 09:06:53 PM »
Susan, I checked my older AC tops (2 years) and compared the feel of the knots to my newest one (last month). The thread tails have definitely softened but with the knots I can't really feel a difference... although, logically, if the thread ends soften the thread in the knot must soften as well. However, I think that the knot itself, being a compacted mass of fiber, will probably still feel irritating to you even if it does get a bit softer. Just my 2 cents. I think lining the top does sound like a good solution.

RobbieK, I have done a top using cotton/lycra. I think the main issue might be the degree of vertical stretch if you will be sewing the seams with straight stitches (running stitch). With the top I did, the fabric stretched too much lengthwise and the stitches did not stretch with the fabric -- which was both unattractive and non-functional (the seam bunched up AND it could rip with too much stress). So I ended up machine zigzagging it instead. I did use AC style bindings because those are done with a stretch stitch. I also recommend you try a sample.  You could possibly seam it with a stretch stitch, like a zigzag chainstitch, but maybe that would be too bulky? Thus the samples. ;D

Below is what I did with my cotton/lycra fitted top. If it had been a solid color, I think I would also have used a stretch stitch to fell the seams as well... as it is, I did a sample and the stitching was just lost in the print, so why bother. :D

I am almost done (whew!) with my current AC top, a black cami top, stenciled & quilted in the front only. I hope to have it done tonight! (fingers crossed)
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