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Sewing for Profit, Prizes, Fundraisers or Charity / Re: Boys angel gown
« Last post by Debbie S on Today at 02:35:54 AM »
datcat, your angel gowns are beautiful.  Do they range in size from preemie to newborn? As I said before, they will be such a blessing to the families. It seems strange that the coordinator has not contacted the hospital's social service department to offer such a wonderful service.  Glad you have a few other seamstresses others have said volunteer work is rewarding but also exhausting and you should not be expected to carry the whole load.   Enjoy spending some time sewing for yourself!!
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes
« Last post by Melinda_B on Today at 02:32:45 AM »
Craftsy says it has merged my two email addresses that access their site and they see both classes.  I don't see anything!

If you had two email addresses, are you logging in under the correct email?  I'm wondering if your classes are under the other email.
Chatter / Re: The Spring Garden (S. Hemis: The Fall Porch)
« Last post by Pina on Today at 02:24:02 AM »
Linda,we were rattled by a magnitude 6.6 earthquake on Wednesday night off the coast of Vancouver Island.There have been three aftershocks Ė magnitude 5.0, 4.2 and 4.2 struck the same region last evening.Today I didnít feel anything,the last earthquake aftershock was only magnitude 3.2.

50 minutes ago there was a magnitude 2.3 earthquake in the Seattle-Tacoma urban area in WA.

The news said,we need to be prepared all along the Pacific Rim to respond to seismic threats.The really important thing is we can never be too prepared.We need to be prepared all along the Rim of Fire for this risk.
Is anyone prepared ?
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes
« Last post by DebbieY on Today at 01:59:11 AM »
I have not had any issues with them and have enrolled in quite a few classes and all are still there. I just this week enrolled in the sassy librarian blouse class at it was on sale and the price of the class with pattern included (pdf) it was not much different to the price of the pattern alone. I haven't learned anything new yet but I am not too bothered about that.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes
« Last post by grandrivergirl on Today at 01:47:45 AM »
I'm having a problem viewing a course I paid for months ago.  Despite reading that courses would always be available once purchased, mine came up expired, and has now done a disappearing act.
Several back and forth emails to Craftsy and I'm no further ahead.  I get a msg that I am not enrolled in any classes and my order history is blank. Craftsy says it has merged my two email addresses that access their site and they see both classes.  I don't see anything!
Anyone else have this issue?
BTW, the Craftsy folks have been very pleasant to deal with despite my lack of success.  Maybe it's something I'm doing.
Site News and Announcements / Re: We're back; for now
« Last post by Karendee on Today at 01:43:57 AM »
Thanks so much, DL!

Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: 2014 Stash Busting Challengey
« Last post by mfedna on Today at 01:30:12 AM »
I digress from stash consumption to make business wear....I want fabulous white knit for business t-shirts and shells. Hoping GF has some...then there is the matter of the EOS hemp knit on clearance...that will be a good business top too...okay, that caprice is I am back on track.
Chatter / Re: Elder Abuse
« Last post by Pina on Today at 12:45:21 AM »
Martha,one of my neighbors and I are considering going to the newspapers,if no one listens.  ;)
The hospital social worker said they couldn't do any more for her,she has to call the phone number.I noticed confusion,before I drove her into town yesterday.I asked her where her bank was.She said I show you.I said I need an address or street name before I drive.I never look at street names,she replied,it's by Walmart. Not ! I know the area well by street names,not where her bank is,I stopped at another bank and asked for directions,after the neighbor had me drive in circles for 20 minutes or longer.The gal at the bank told me her bank is next to Chuck E. Cheese. ::) 

I don't know where Chuck E. Cheese is,I don't have any babies,can you give me a street name please ?  ::)  ;D   I didn't go in the bank with her !

Chatter / Re: Elder Abuse
« Last post by vtmartha on Today at 12:20:26 AM »
Pina, it sounds to me like you may need legal advice.  Someone to write letters to the proper people to advise them that you cannot take on this responsibility.  With so many different parties involved, it may well be that your pleas are not being heard.

Is there a local community which would be willing to assume some of her care?  A church, neighborhood, garden club?
You have a wonderful plan!  Have a great time at the wedding in your "casually elegant ensemble!"
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