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March 01, 2021, 03:24:12 am


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SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by stephaniecan - February 23, 2021, 04:12:47 pm
@CCL I laughed when I read about the magazine. At this rate, in any case, you will get your vest done before me. Although I hope to start sewing mine up this week.

@indigotiger So sorry that the drive has been low. I really really get it. There have been so many dispiriting things in the last year that it is only human to be affected more or less all the time. I love that you are working on a handknit again - your knits are lovely and I am sure this one will be, too. Also, I can't wait to see the capelet.

I am so enjoying everyone's dispatches from all over.

@treefrog In spite of the hiccups, the shirt is gorgeous, as always. I love the style and the fabric!

@mahgret Yay re. that stunning colour and beautiful knit, and your pretty cardigan! Yay!

@Hilda Rose Thanks for your sweet comments - very encouraging! I love love love your cheerful summer garments. In fact, I wish you could mail those shorts to me (for the ten minutes in which it is warm enough here to wear shorts). I migth copy these, actually, to add to the exactly two pairs of shorts in my slim summer wardrobe!

@LillieT Good luck with the medical appointments and the bargain hunting. :)

I hope I'm not missing anyone....I need to take notes.

Snail paced sewing is going on here, but I did hem my coat the slow way over the weekend - hand sewed in interfacing and blind hemmed. I'm really happy with it. Now I just need to make the buttonholes and sew in the lining and I'll be done. I realized that I fitted it last year before a pandemic kilo or two so I am going to let out the side seams slightly ( in which I left lots of seam allowance, preparing for my future self :) ). Oh well. I'm ready to cut the yellow coat, but I'd like to hit the waistcoat while it is still winter. (We have about six weeks left of that, and probably closer to ten before it will be warm enough that a wool waistcoat will seem silly. I'm also working on a summer sweater in pink, that I just started (an American friend informs me that "summer sweater" is a very Canadian concept in her mind, but I think they also keep sweaters around all of the time in the UK :). )

SWAP 2021 / Re: CCL's Sew What You Got - 2...
Last post by CCL - February 23, 2021, 12:11:42 pm
The Burda magazine came from Ukraine - with Stephanie's vest in it.  Now I just have to wait until I have some free time to puzzle out which pattern pieces to trace.   I am hoping I can construct the garment from the diagrams without having to learn to read Ukrainian.
Site News and Announcements / Re: Forum: odd layout/chunks m...
Last post by DragonLady - February 23, 2021, 09:20:05 am
You do have to be signed in; and remember that some sections "roll up" out of sight.  You'll see little arrows on the right side of the blue category bars that "roll down" when you click them.
Site News and Announcements / Re: Forum: odd layout/chunks m...
Last post by sliderule - February 23, 2021, 08:00:42 am
I did a quick check, and it looks to me as if everything is there.  I stay signed in all the time; do you think you could have signed out without realizing it?
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by LillieT - February 23, 2021, 07:55:51 am
@sharonspils - I have an edging foot for my regular machine that does help a lot.  However, I did all of the top-stitching on my old 1959 Singer and I don't have an edging foot for it.  I used the older machine so I didn't have to keep re-threading my machine with the top-stitching thread.  I like your comment that if folks can see the wonkineww they are too close. In retrospect, the top-stitching really isn't that bad. 

Thanks for everyone's comments on my color scheme - It is very easy to work with and quite cheery. The grey is so versatile and will go with a number of other items already in my closet.  I wore the grey wool trousers with a turquoise twin set recently that looked very nice. 

SWAP 2021 / Re: Lillie's Late to the Party...
Last post by LillieT - February 23, 2021, 05:45:28 am
I have worn the grey jeans now several times and while they are ok they are just a touch too big and they could be an inch or so longer.  I have another piece of grey denim that doesn't have as much stretch - think I will make another pair of jeans using the same pattern.  There is more yardage in this second piece of denim, shouldn't have to resort to adding adding contrast facings. 

I am at my son's house again - have several doctor appointments the next couple of days.  While here I can visit several different stores that sell fabrics and notions.  I am going to look for another color thread to use for top-stitching on the next jeans.  I can't decide whether I want it to match closer or contrast more.  Hopefully I'll have an epiphany while staring at all the colors available.  I used two ends of thread for the top-stitching on the first pair of grey jeans and it worked well.  Regular top-stitching thread is usually quite limited in the choice of colors.

I have concluded that I really need a couple of plain long sleeve tees.  I have a thrifted grey cotton/lycra man's ginormous tee that will make a really nice tee - the knit feels quite luxurious.  I also need a cream colored tee but the only cream knits I have in my stash are on the sheer side.  One, a wool jersey, I have washed several times hoping to felt it somewhat and stiffen it up but it didn't work. 

There is an Idaho Youth Ranch warehouse here that I may check out this afternoon.  I have found some really nice stuff there - $.75 per item of clothing - can't beat that.  Maybe I can find a cream long sleeve tee that I can modify to fit.  I do love a bargain!
SWAP 2021 / Re: SWAP 2021 - General Discus...
Last post by Hilda Rose - February 23, 2021, 04:53:49 am
@Karamiel - fabulous dress. Looks lovely on you  :applause2:

@treefrog - beautiful shirt. Sharp finish as per your usual sewing 🪡

@mahgret - cardi looks cosy. Some knits are painful to sew, but yours turned out well. Gorgeous coloured yarn 🧶

@stephaniecan - checked coat is looking great. Although some UFOs may not go towards this year's SWAP, I think it's a win to complete them! It's better than not sewing & if they're a pattern you want to use this year then it's a "VERY  wearable muslin" & saves tweaking a toile of a new pattern. Win x 2! Your knitting is amazing. I'm in awe of all those who can knit... but you take it a whole new level by designing & making the pattern too!

@indigotiger - snow & ice storms...power outages are frustrating. I have the opposite problem, it's soooo hot & humid here! Sweaty hands & ironing in the heat isn't making sewing an enjoyable experience. I can't wait for autumn & temps down to 30'C & under! I definitely don't live in a climate conducive to knitting or wearing woolly sweaters (maybe being a knitting failure isn't too tragic for me after all 😉), but happy knitting & can't wait to see your cardi!
Site News and Announcements / Forum: odd layout/chunks missi...
Last post by indigotiger - February 23, 2021, 01:45:29 am
not sure if it is my computer, me, or if there is something odd going on... when I sign in to SG, it appears that large sections are missing from the forum, particularly under sewing techniques and equipment section... no more patterns, fitting, and all the other less often used categories are gone, only visible is fabrics, and dyeing and felting, under site news there isn't any regional category etc... it appears very truncated
SWAP 2021 / Re: Mahgret's Up Your Game SWA...
Last post by mahgret - February 22, 2021, 05:49:09 pm
Sorry I have been missing, I've been in a cranky funk.  I'm trying to maintain a positive attitude but it's not easy.  I'm fine, I have no reason to be struggling except the same reasons we all have.

I made an Eleanor Cardigan by 5 out of 4 patterns, a size 4x tapered out to a 5x towards the waist.  The fabric is a cream colored rib knit.  I have no idea what it is or where I got it.  It was a little bit of a bear to sew, as it is super stretchy and also it kept getting sucked down into the feed dogs on both serger and sewing machine.  I made the knee length and I think I like it.  The stretchiness doesn't seem too much of an issue when wearing it.

IMG_1672 by Maggie, on Flickr

Also, I cast on a pullover sweater.  The pattern is Love Notes by TinCanKnits.  I am knitting it with a green fingering weight yarn held with a strand of blue mohair/silk blend.  I am really thrilled with the color the combo makes because the original green was not my best color. I had the green yarn in stash, bought the mohair to make this sweater.  It is knit on big needles, I think I should be able to finish it for the SWAP deadline.

IMG_1659 by Maggie, on Flickr

SWAP 2021 / Re: Treefrog's Algebra SWAP Re...
Last post by treefrog - February 21, 2021, 11:22:38 pm
I finished the embroidered voile shirt so Pack B is complete.  Yay, progress  :smiles-pom2:

I made so many stuff-ups on this one.  I'd stitched the sleeve placket to the incorrect side and only noticed after I'd cut the slit.  I put some sticky tape on the cut and was able to unpick the placket and was able to re-stitch it correctly. 

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