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Patterns and Instructions / Sewing Workshop Patterns 5
« Last post by Kathy Z on Today at 02:45:31 PM »
Martha, the lacy topper I made wasn't a knit. It's very roomy! You might go up a size to be sure. BTW, I found your lovely blog and enjoyed reading many of the posts. It's hard to find blogs written by "ladies of a certain age" with the same sewing aims: style AND comfort!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Shirt a Month 2
« Last post by LisaB on Today at 02:37:34 PM »
CCL, I'll help out as I'm able. One thing I can say, though, is that perfect fit is very elusive and shouldn't necessarily be our goal. I can say that my shirts are the best I've ever made (or worn), but they aren't perfect. There are certain areas that are slightly uncomfortable, but I have no intention of fiddling with them! I consider that pattern complete and have moved on to other things. I have so little time to devote to sewing that I don't want to nit pick one pattern to death. Instead, I want to happily wear these shirts and move on to happily wear something else, too!

I write all that to encourage you to make mods and do what you reasonably can to make a shirt for yourself that you will enjoy wearing, but don't go into it thinking you need to achieve perfection. It's too elusive, and the pursuit can wear us down when really we should feel joy in what we've done.
Chatter / Re: The Summer Gazebo (S. Hemi. Winter Fireside)
« Last post by Miranda Y. on Today at 02:31:42 PM »
So sorry to hear about your migraine Laurie. I hope it's gone by now. Those are the worst. Glad to hear your son is somewhat settled. Moving is so stressful!

Suzi, I've been trying to drink more water after you suggested mine could be dehydration. Maybe the two are indeed linked. It's been so hot lately so maybe I'm just really dehydrated and don't realize it.

Bacon has some phobias like the mop. He's terrified of mops. Perhaps he had some horrible mop incident when he was a puppy. Who knows. The other night we were laughing at him because Maya found him on the floor with just his head under the bed. He seemed quite comfortable. I guess he wanted the room a little darker and that was the only way to do it lol.

It has blessedly cooled off here. I was actually able to open up windows in the house and let out all the hot air that's been trapped. Of course, when I do that the dogs go insane because then they can hear a whole world of new noises that they can't hear when the windows are closed. Every five minutes I have to listen to Bacon's coonhound baying. Good think I love the big dork.

I have found a new tool that I really love that has been very helpful for me at work. It's called Coggle. It's a "mind-mapping" program. Rather than making a linear to do list, it allows me to take notes more...organically. It almost looks like a neuron with everything branching out from a central point. I find this way of note taking SOOOOOO much easier and I've done a much better job of staying on task and keeping track of my work since discovering it. I really want to get Maya into it to help her remember things. I find that, because it's so visual, I remember things much better. Here's to hoping it will help me with my ADHD!

Patterns and Instructions / Re: Sewing Workshop Patterns 5
« Last post by martha.myers on Today at 02:25:51 PM »
Kathy Z - do you think that the Eureka requires knit fabric?

Terri - just had a blast reviewing your TSW pieces, especially the Eureka and the jackets. Always so inspiring, you are!

I just finished an old, old TSW piece - the Spring St Shirt. I'm away from my laptop and do not have an easy way to put a picture here, but it's on my blog. It's the one with the keyhole cutouts in a wide collar. It was fun (and super easy) to sew. 

Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Shirt a Month 2
« Last post by CCL on Today at 02:24:40 PM »
Thanks guys!

AnnC, there were some pretty cool fabrics in that J.Crew sale... I had stocked up on a previous shirting sale so I mostly drooled at the new offerings and kept slapping my hand away from the Shopping Cart icon on the site.  Can't wait to see what you make first!

SheriC, I think I had bought this fabric right before I met you at the Expo!  I can't remember, did I pull it out of the bag and show it to you?    How is your new machine working for you?

Kathryn, wow, coming from you, that's such a lovely compliment.  I have miles to go in skill building, but I am working on it!

Robyn, have I thanked you recently for starting this thread?  I went back and looked at PDiddley's shirt a month collection for her husband.  The Shirt a Month threads have been incredibly helpful to me in trying to improve.

Karendee, I saw that RiverGum suggested bottling the essence of Karendee to sprinkle over nasty commenters on another site.   I just want to bottle the essense of Karendee to sprinkle at the start of each day, not because of anything bad, but your comments just sparkle with joy and make me grateful.

Michael, thanks.  This fabric actually reminded me of a couple of your makes!  Let me know when you get to making trousers on your great suit sewing odyssey.  I will join along!  I am having to rethink the pattern I used for the first trial... BH is thinking he'd like a flat front and I have to adjust the size anyway.  I am stalling.

LisaB-- I appreciate your encouragement so much.  I think I want to start making shirts for me now.  So I am going to be peppering you with questions about your gorgeous blue tailored shirt.  I know upthread you mentioned all the work that went into getting that perfect fit, so I think that's holding me back somewhat.

 Thanks again all,  after I shared with Better Half all the discussions here about laundering, he's decided to do several of the shirts by hand and iron them.  Even though heavily filtered, our well water has a lot of minerals in it, and over time can, shall I say, adjust the color of fabrics?
Chatter / Re: The Summer Gazebo (S. Hemi. Winter Fireside)
« Last post by SuziQz on Today at 01:38:11 PM »
It did rain in SoCal yesterday, but not at my house. 

Laurie, I don't like this hot, humid weather, either.  But it could be worse - it was 124 in Baghdad yesterday.   :o

What funny phobias Gus has!  My long-haired cat leaves little tufts of fur around the house.  Since Gus would leave much bigger ones, I guess i's just as well he doesn't roam through the house. 

I hope that migraine is gone for good.

I'm going back to sleep.  I woke up at 4 AM, so I'm ready for a nap.   :nap:
Sewing Machines / Gritzner..
« Last post by GritznerJB on Today at 01:27:54 PM »
My name is John and i'm a new member.
After using my mothers Elna for a few years i realy need to buy a machine for my own..
This Gritzner came across..., what model number is it.??
Is it any good ..??, how is the parts situation ??
Or..., can i better buy something else..?
I will use it for heavy fabric and mild leather..
( sellers pics )..
Chatter / Re: The Summer Gazebo (S. Hemi. Winter Fireside)
« Last post by Laurie H on Today at 01:13:05 PM »
Linda, I sure wish I could send some of our water your way.   Two storms came through last night and it appears that we have a chance of a thunderstorm every day through next Tuesday at least.  I really wouldn't mind so much if only it would drive off the humidity.  Weird weather patterns.

Patti, I've read topic titles wrong many times and then couldn't figure out what was wrong when I started reading the posts.  So very strange. 

Suzi, Gus has some walking up the porch steps, walking into the garages or further into the house unless he's on a rug, that sort of thing.  I ignore him or tell him if he wants to be with me he needs to get over or stop whining.  I don't do whining with a kid or a dog.  I usually tell him to get over himself.  At least Annie will get up on the porch.  I think we could get her into the rest of the house, but we want more fur in the kitchen and living room?  Probably not. 

Okay, migraine is gone.  I think I can get up and accomplish something now.  Before it comes back, that is.  It's been coming back these days.  No fun. 
Chatter / Re: The Inequity of the Division of Chores in Retirement
« Last post by cheetah on Today at 01:08:37 PM »
What would it be like to have a conversation about what basic things need to be done to live comfortably in your the space you share?

Pipsy, your comment reminded me of a conversation I read online in one of the advice columns (Hax maybe?). The commenter said that she and her husband had a regularly scheduled evening out just for reviewing the list of jobs and allocating responsibility. It was something like monthly, or bimonthly, and usually involved going out for a beer and had ended up being something they quite enjoyed.
Sewing Machines / Re: Sewing machine foot identification
« Last post by Michael A on Today at 12:19:16 PM »
Okay.  It does look like some fun might be had with this foot.  Although from the videos on the Handy Quilter it does look like some significant skill development time might be involved.

bessie - the lot of feet in the first picture were marked 50 cents.  They may have been half price.

Karendee -  I have to help my friend move today, but I will be adding to my finds thread soon.  There is more haul.

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