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Tools and Notions / Re: Kai scissors
« Last post by jem on Today at 06:29:05 PM »
Well, this is weird.  For the last couple of days, I have been obsessing over getting a pair of Kai scissors.  Don't ask me why, but I decided to check this forum to get more information. Not sure who posted it, but indicated they were running their once yearly 20% off sale through tomorrow. So last night while I was going through my insomnia I ordered a pair and was able to save a nice chunk of money.  So thank you and can't wait for these gems to arrive. 
Sewing Environment / Re: Annual September pimp up your sewing room! 2015
« Last post by sdBev on Today at 06:09:22 PM »
Great job Taly.  I think a new board cover freshens the whole room.
Machine Sewing / Re: Machine Knitting 3
« Last post by fzxdoc on Today at 06:05:53 PM »
Karen, what a nice scarf! I love it when colors pool like that in long sections. I'm sure your clowny yardage will wait patiently for another brainstorm of yours.

Love the socks. You're doing them on your knitting machine, huh? Those have got to knit up pretty snappily, I would imagine.

Me, I'm still in the thinking phase. I haven't gotten my fill of sewing like I thought I would by now after a (too) long dry spell. And then there's weaving. But I really do want to work on the Berocco Iwo scarf and/or a poncho on that KX350 midgauge that I own and have never used.

Once again, thank you for that information.  I've seen pictures of bottles of oil with herbs suspended.  It never occurred to me this might be a health hazard.  Since I don't tend to make things like that, I've been protected.

I've never made anything like that either, Martha. I'm assuming the ones you see in the store have had the suspended stuff acidified in some way to block botulin toxin growth.

  I'm not sure what I would do if I were gifted something like that.  I would feel awkward if someone pointed out the dangers of my gift to me, but I would be horrified if I were responsible for making them sick.

I know, right? It's a real Kobayashi Maru. Darned if you do and darned if you don't.

  I cringed when he would show up at a horse show after eating garlic.  I was sure someone would think I'd been using DMSO on my horses.  ;)

Only occasionally does my husband get garlic breath, and I use a LOT of garlic in my cooking. When he does, he heads for the mint-coated parsley-seed pills, called Mint Asure. It knocks the garlic breath out right away. I get it from the local drugstore, but it's available on Amazon too.

SWAP 2015 / Re: SWAP 2016 Pre-Rules Discussion & Speculation
« Last post by Morzel on Today at 05:48:24 PM »
So right, Ruthie- myself included! I guess that is where the third quartett comes into play- my first two colours would certainly be neutrals. Accent colours would be the third quartett, otherwise it gets boring. But others might be comfortable with bolder colour choices... that's why I wouldn't say "choose two neutrals" but "choose colours A and B".
This 3x4 is not restrictive concerning type of garments, it is quite restrictive concerning colour choices. For building a mix and match wardrobe a smart way to start.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes
« Last post by Helen M on Today at 05:48:05 PM »
At first I had to use the browser but later the class I'd chosen showed in the app. So maybe it takes a while to show on the app.

To complicate matters my tablet last week updated and changed its operating system and it's causing no end of problems! I had a Craftsy update today so not sure what that will do  ::)
Chatter / Re: Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by fzxdoc on Today at 05:45:49 PM »
Debbie, my local library has a dismal selection of audiobooks as well, so I pay $20 per year to belong to the library system of a (larger) city about 40 miles away. Their audiobook selection is amazing, and I use it often. In fact I downloaded two audiobooks from it yesterday.

I also am a good customer of , an Amazon company. The least expensive plan is about $15 per month for 1 book. I belong to the $11 per book monthly plan, purchasing 2 books a month. They have great sales where you can purchase really good books for anywhere from $1.95 to $5.95. I often take advantages of those sales. I also purchase extra book credits at around $11, since I can listen to 3 or 4 audiobooks in the time it takes me to read 1 paper/e- book. I don't sit down much during the day until after supper dishes are done, so listening to audiobooks is a great way for me to multitask. Listening to audiobooks in the wee hours when I can't sleep is a kinder way to "read" a book because there's no ambient light to disturb my DH.

I don't know of any free audiobook download services outside of a library system.

Rib knit top is history, I moved on and refashioned a dress from five years ago into a turtle neck tunic and added some leggings.

A bit more info here on the blog

I'm doing a burgundy skirt next.
Hey looks really good!

I bought myself a second hand office chair for the sewing room. Its small and grey and has wheels and is a lot more fun than the old dining chair I was using.
(The other office chair I was using, the ones I receovered, is now being used with my computer desk).
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes
« Last post by judith on Today at 04:37:29 PM »

There is one class that looked really good, (I'll not say which one) I watched the whole thing the other day; and while I did get a few tips, am glad I didn't pay the full or discounted price for it. So, again, thanks Karen and Mom2Sew. I'm having a blast with this.

I'm curious, why won't you say which class?

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