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Chatter / Re: Technology changing our lives
« Last post by Debbie S on Today at 04:17:57 AM »
Karen, restart the laptop with nothing plugged into the USB ports. Are you using an applw charger qnd coed.
Critiques / Re: Critique: styles to wear with my Anna Sui jacket
« Last post by Susan in Tucson on Today at 04:00:26 AM »
Very cute jacket, Dawn! And such a deal!

I like 1, 5 and 10 the best--they give you a great silhouette and the proportions are very flattering. All this is clearly in the eye of the beholder, since everyone seems to like slightly different combinations, so obviously you should go with what makes you happiest.

Thank you for taking the time to photograph so many outfit variations! It was really helpful for me to compare them and notice which drew my eye the most, and how they varied from the others.

I should do something like this for my wardrobe as well, but the camera can be so merciless. Maybe a glass of wine will help...
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Basic wardrobe / Common wardrobe
« Last post by Annette on Today at 03:31:31 AM »
It sounds like linen is the way to go and I will have to try the un-ironed method you described.

I have until now restricted my linen garments because of how badly it can crease after being ironed. Presumably this is not such an issue when garments are not ironed. I love the idea of this and can't wait to try for myself!!

Our summer climate is hot and humid so linen will be perfect!! Thanks for your advice.
Chatter / Re: One thing you're thankful for today?
« Last post by L.M. on Today at 03:15:53 AM »
marciae  :)  You have such a good outlook. I am a big-time dog lover without a dog - have pictures or descriptions of your 'pups'?

LyndaC - good heavens! I'm so sorry, but I hope the 7-11 brought in the police. Glad your banks have been so helpful.

Today I'm so thankful to have been overrun with work from my little shop.
Chatter / Re: One thing you're thankful for today?
« Last post by LyndaC on Today at 03:10:39 AM »
I just discovered this morning that we have been victims of identity theft.

It has been a frantic day, closing accounts, re-opening accounts, securing accounts.   In the midst of all of this, a local 7-11 store called to me to okay the check, theoretically signed by me, made out to cash for $500 that the customer was waiting for her to cash.  I tried to get her to get his ID, but she hung up quickly.

I don't think I have EVER made a check out to CASH!   I was taught better!

So we presently have no useable checks as that account was closed.

Our bankers have been wonderful.  This is nothing new to them.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Peggy Sagers' Silhouette Patterns 5
« Last post by LyndaC on Today at 02:56:45 AM »
Karleen, I also like Peggy's Tee, but you might like Jalie 2005 or 2805 even better.   It has more shaping and a more "RTW" styling, particularly in the Vneck shaping and the fit of the neckline and sleeves.  Just another option.
Fabrics / Re: to pre-treat
« Last post by LyndaC on Today at 02:49:01 AM »
It is also difficult to find.   May I ask where you get your Brussels washer linen?
Other Hobbies and Interests / Re: So...who enjoys gardening? 2
« Last post by crazyquilter on Today at 02:32:07 AM »
We had an interesting gardening year this year.  We live on a farm in northern Arkansas.  My husband threw out turnip seeds on top of the snow in Feb.  We had all the greens and turnips we could eat and then some all spring.  We like the turnips raw.  This is my kind of gardening.  We didn't prepare the ground or weed.  We just went out and gathered.

We got a late start with the regular garden and only managed to plant tomato and pepper plants from the store.  In mid July we put out squash, cucumbers and okra.  Normally it's dry here in July and Aug. and nothing will even sprout, but this year we've had lots of rain.  Everything except the okra is producing right now. I think it's getting ready to bloom. The squash are heirloom varieties, Odessa, Rugosa Friulana, and Zucchini.  So far we've only had one zuch.

Normally we plant a lot more in the early spring, lots of salad things and other early crops.  We both retired from teaching this fall, so hopefully we'll be more on top of the game next spring.  You can bet I'm going to suggest planting turnips on the snow again.   :)
Chatter / Re: Vintage Stiffel Lamp
« Last post by Karendee on Today at 02:30:25 AM »
His new lamp will enhance his workarea and enable DH to see better for long periods of time. Great find.

Patterns and Instructions / Re: Sewing Workshop Patterns 5
« Last post by Karendee on Today at 02:23:41 AM »
Wow Martha, what a darling jacket.

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