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SDBev, IndigoTiger - that's right, there's no stand. 

I have my grandmother's from the '50s - and it's truly almost exactly like the pattern with only one exception that I have noted so far - Gram's jacket has a pintuck (like an inverted dart??) at the armhole end of the shoulder seam - the pattern has a small pleat instead.
While I've not seen the actual Pendelton jacket pattern, the original jacket had a convertible collar and not a stand collar, so I would imagine that feature was duplicated...
Here are photos of actual jackets showing the collar, front and back, and no stand in sight!
Quote from: CCL on Yesterday at 03:29:12 pm
Ia that collar a convertible collar or does it have a stand?  Hate making collar stands.
While I thought I could join in, and even have my jacket planned, I've suddenly be struck by the realisation that I have a formal Frocktails event on 9 Nov, and haven't even started the toile for my dress yet.  Oops....  Plus have to make hubby a pair of boxer shorts as he's travelling from Sunday.  As we're coming into Summer, the jacket just became a low priority for now!   ;D
Sewing Related Items / Re: Burda 7780 men's coat
Last post by Turquoise - Today at 06:13:41 am
The pattern is now on it's way to you - I'm just back from post office!  :)
Busy with DD's jacket and my vest right now (both started too soon for this challenge.) I'm pretty set on https://www.palmerpletsch.com/product/mccalls-7694-melissas-moto-jacket/ Which is the same one Ruthie used for her zipper jacket last year.

I have some very pink tweed that has been sitting around for a long time, and I'll probably use that for this jacket. You all know how much I love pink!
I'm in. Still formulating my SWAP plan, but a knit cardigan jacket, camel parka or chambray blazer are all on my must have list and could potentially work in my plan. Either way, it'll be a new to me pattern.
Quote from: undefinedSo maybe a shirt or front opening blouse?
Based on the description that CCL has for the challenge, whatever is made needs to be something that is "worn over another item" and I am somehow assuming that the intention is "worn over another garment" and not "worn over underwear" :o ... so my interpretation is that a shirt/jacket or a blouse/jacket would be appropriate, but not, say, a blouse made from Liberty lawn intended to be worn with another jacket over it.

Just as an aside, I also myself am unsure about what the difference is between a shirt and a blouse, other than that blouse is feminine and shirt is not gender specific, in our current language
Ah OK I see what you mean.

I don't know if I'm going to participate in this one TBH, more likely that I'll do a winter 6PAC based around my previously sewn jacket.
Quote from: Sew Ruthie Sews on Yesterday at 12:02:22 pm
Quote from: undefinedNow, jacket could be any top garment that has sleeves and opens in front and is worn over another item.  That would exclude vests, but not shirts.

So maybe a shirt or front opening blouse?

Yup, as long as it can be worn "over" another garment.  For example the Pendleton 49'er pattern that Marciea and I (maybe Theresa in Tucson as well) recently purchased is basically a shirt and isn't lined.  However, it is cut big, has patch pockets and fewer, but bigger buttons down the front.  The sleeve is cuffed just like a shirt, but again has those bigger buttons.

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