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 on: Today at 04:23:34 PM 
Started by fzxdoc - Last post by fzxdoc
Such nice projects!

Paula, you look great in your new shirt. How clever of you to find two patterns that meshed together perfectly to make your ideal shirt. I would not have noticed that collar stand feature of the Style Arc pattern had you not pointed it out. It's so well thought out for an open-collar look.

And speaking of thinking things out, your search for the perfect density for an embroidery embellishment panned out perfectly. The shirt looks light and fresh with the lighter touch of embroidery at the hem and upper back.

Very nicely done. Congratulations.

CCL, I was waiting for the remainder of that fabric to show up. How much fun--a romper look with the convenience of two (perfectly matched! :o :D) pieces. Serindipitous as it may have been, you should take full credit for the matching job. The outfit should be nice and cool for summer and should mix/match well too. Nice way to use up that fabric.

Ann, you must have the best-dressed dolls in eastern Canada. Another fun combo--I especially like the cuffed pants. Brings back memories of the days when I would inadvertently hook the high heel of my shoe into a pants cuff when descending a staircase. I never did the elbows-over-teacups graceless fall that I'm sure I'm more than capable of, but came close a few times. ::)


 on: Today at 04:12:41 PM 
Started by sdBev - Last post by fzxdoc
What a nice-looking storage solution, Bev

What sort of glue did you use? I hope it lasts forever. To my eye, that's the weak link in the project, but then I'm the type of person who never found a glue I could trust.  :))

Enjoy using that clever idea for your serger thread storage.


 on: Today at 12:53:05 PM 
Started by sdBev - Last post by sdBev
I used to be able to check the reviews. There was a time they were reliable and I would take my time to add reviews as well.  Now the reviews are being filled up by , oh Iíll be polite and call them, questionable sources.  I have one app that reduces the reviews to verified buyers and discards other questionables. Drops the number of reviews significantly and changes the average rating.  It has become a known problem that Amazon seems unable/unwilling to control. Just noticed Nancys Notions revised site is going to allow reviews from known purchasers only. That could help, except the unethical have been known to work around that too. I remember when we first started buying things from Japan. We used to say we had some of that new cheap Japanese junk. After a while, think it was a decade or two, the Japanese learned that as a whole Americans were more appreciative, willing  to pay more and made repeat buys when the quality was markedly better.  I keep hoping the Chineese will get that point too.  Certainly, I wont be buying any more off brand rotary blades.  I d rather pay the higher price and search for a reliable blade.

Well didnt mean to hijack my own thread.  I think my problem is solved.  I have made it a point to cut with the Olfa blade every day since I got them.  Using the same blade and it is Still just as sharp today as when they arrived.

 on: Today at 12:29:20 PM 
Started by kowgiirl.up - Last post by fzxdoc
Nice work, Theresa. Your tops are so pretty.

And thank you once again, bessiecrocker, for your input. You're a gem.


 on: Today at 12:27:13 PM 
Started by LOUISE CUTTING - Last post by fzxdoc
Lynda, check your email; DL has contacted you there. Also check your PMs here where I sent you a note. With DL researching the problem, you'll be back to posting in no time, I'm sure. :)


 on: Today at 12:20:43 PM 
Started by Sergerqueen - Last post by fzxdoc
There are few patterns in the new Vogue magazine that I like as well, angelsweb.

I wonder why they're not up on the website. I just checked.


 on: Today at 12:15:38 PM 
Started by sdBev - Last post by fzxdoc
Sure looks like those off-brand blades were not a good deal, Bev.

FWIW, I'm increasingly careful about ordering from Amazon. It's full of look-alike knock-offs. I always check to see that the seller is a reputable one. I learned this from a small businessman who designed and sells an item on Amazon as well as on his own website. It wasn't long before his design was ripped off by a Chinese vendor and is also sold on Amazon. It looks the same but the steel used to construct it is thinner and of course it is not as durable. My friend complained to Amazon about the rip off but they did nothing.

I ordered some straws from Amazon a month ago--they arrived stuffed into a regular gallon-sized ziplock bag--no commercial packaging of any sort. I could just imagine someone grabbing a handful of straws with their grubby hand and stuffing them into a ziplock bag. Eeeeew. I sent them back.


 on: Today at 12:04:34 PM 
Started by CCL - Last post by fzxdoc
Lynda, my closets are full as well, and I cull them regularly. That said, there are always treasured pieces of fabric in my stash, bought for a specific pattern that I love pulling out to make. It's like taking a trip down Fabric Shopping Memory Lane.

Of course you don't have to sew clothing--there is so much sewing inspiration out there. Let your imagination run free for a while and I'm sure you'll come up with alternate projects for some of those stash fabrics.

Mostly, have fun sewing in your beauty of a sewing room.


 on: Today at 11:45:48 AM 
Started by fzxdoc - Last post by fzxdoc
I made it too, Margy, for my DD and her little family while we visited. I thought it could use more Marcella beans--maybe another half pound. I'm glad you liked it! The parmesan rind is a great idea. I'm adding that tip to my recipe. Thank you!

Because of time constraints (it's difficult to plan/cook a meal while babysitting full time for a 20 month old), I ended up making the Marcella beans in the Instant Pot after the baby went down for the night. I had soaked them for about 7 hours; I then poured them with their soaking liquid into the IP, added more water so the beans were covered by 2 inches of water, set 15 minutes on High Pressure and let her rip. The IP was about half full. When the pressure cycle finished, I did an immediate release which was a bit of a spluttery mess, coating the surrounding countertop area with bean starch. (Should I have added a bit of oil to prevent splutter? Or would that have resulted in an starchy and oily splutter?)  Then I submerged the beans in cool water to stop the cooking and put them in the fridge.

The next day I assembled the soup which the whole family enjoyed--even the toddler.  The kids took portions of it to work for their lunches the next day, and my husband and I dined on the leftovers too. Everyone loved the flavors but said they wanted more beans in it--or maybe some ditalini pasta. I already have a good recipe for pasta fagioli, so I won't be adding pasta. I'd prefer more beans. :)


P.S. because Marcella beans are so thin-skinned, I drained them, adding their liquid along with the broth at the beginning of the cook and then gently added the beans at the end of the cook so that they were just heated through.

 on: Today at 11:32:48 AM 
Started by DragonLady - Last post by fzxdoc
Lynda, I answered your PM this morning and sent it on to DL. Hopefully you'll be able to fully use the site soon.

Check your email and check your PMs here for responses from us.

Best wishes,

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