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Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Lagenlook 2
« Last post by crazyquilter on Today at 07:16:14 PM »
I somehow missed that this thread had been updated.  I probably shouldn't have much input since I haven't managed to get anything sewn.  I do love looking at the challenges, planning and thinking about them.  I like the one you picked.  Maybe this will be the month I actually get something sewn.

Finished fitting the Style Arc Marni for myself, despite constant interruptions in a planned (but not executed) full day of sewing. It got whittled down to a couple of hours. Ah well. At least the fitting is done.

Now on to a very cute and much-sewn (according to the number of reviews on knit jacket for my DD: McCall's 6844.

Making the muslin this afternoon, hopefully.

Sewing Machines / Singer 96KSV7....
« Last post by ForeveeMaking on Today at 06:57:03 PM »
Hello everyone, this is my first post so please bear with me.

I recently bought a Singer industrial machine for 45, bargain! However I'm having trouble with it, first it wouldn't pick up the bobbin thread which I believe I may have fixed but now the top thread keeps snapping. I've given it a clean but think it might need more than that. Also think I need to replace the bobbin winder as it's not distributing evenly.

Can someone offer me some advice who knows this machine please??

Thank you
I stand by my previous comment - i'm still behind! However very nice to have all the company ;)  Pina, that video sounds like a hoot to make and to watch  :D and su-sew what a lovely hat!


I like to wear little sleeveless, woven tops in summer here where temps regularly top 90F. For years I've been making princess-seamed ones with styling alluding to Victorian or Edwardian corset covers. I like this as it's very physically comfy and also works well with my personal style.

This year i decided to update this workhorse garment of mine and come up with a new TNT. I started with Lisette's B6185 and made a number of changes in drafting, and the method of construction is completely my own. I can highly recommend this pattern, goes together well and the numerous cup options for the front pieces are a great feature.

 I'm very pleased with the results and thought some of you may particularly enjoy the clean finish I was able to achieve on the interior. Details of design and construction as well as more pictures here
lynn--of course you needn't "make up" a skipped 20-minute session.  who wants to be a 'sewing debtor'?  tomorrow is another day.--anne
Chatter / Re: Vintage Stiffel Lamp
« Last post by Syndi on Today at 06:41:11 PM »
These are the markings in the listing of the lamp I purchased.  Stiffel foil in first pic and Stiffel stamped in the brass- second pic.

When I look up the name given for this lamp, I've seen this: The shade is smooth, not faux alligator and notice the style of the brass sticks (right before it goes to white)- kind of "filigree".  Also the style of the base is slightly different.

I haven't seen any just like the one I purchased.
Hi Manuela! Really, if i could only travel to one place in the world, would it be wrong of me to choose Manuela's closet? Right or wrong i do not think i am alone in this opinion!

re: zipper stuff: no, i agree with your choice especially as i'm familiar with those zippers and they would be quite comfortable for all but the most exquisitely sensitive. I find dealing with the plackets when zipping on and off to be extra fiddly as well, but just thought i'd throw it in the mix as CCL seemed pretty curious on the topic.
Fabrics / Re: What do you do with... all... this... fabric!!!!?!
« Last post by RuthieSews on Today at 05:29:02 PM »
I'm hoping to get some colour advice later this month, plus switch my study/guest room with my sewing room.

Moving all that fabric from one space to the other should be just the push I need to use my refined colour knowledge and allow some to go off to new homes.
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Healthy Lifestyle/Eating/Weight 2
« Last post by marciae on Today at 05:09:50 PM »
I've never seen them in a store. Don't recall seeing the juice either!

Becky how are you doing on your bullet proof coffee?

I've been walking the 2 big dogs for about 45 min a day. The mini daschy gets to go the block to the mail kiosks. Good for all of us!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Basic wardrobe / Common wardrobe
« Last post by marie-louise on Today at 04:58:18 PM »
One goal I had for my professional wardrobe was that I didn't want people to notice what I was wearing*, I wanted them to remember that I always looked pulled together in an elegant, understated way.

* Because if they didn't notice what I was wearing, then they might not remember that I was essentially wearing the same handful of suits over and over again-just styled differently.

What's worked for me, back in the days when work meant a suit, and now that I'm retired and no longer own anything suitable for a job, is to have a good solid core of basics. What I define as a core wardrobe has changed drastically over the years, but I've used that principle for over 30 years. One you have a core wardrobe, you can embellish and accessorize it like crazy.

For example, a few years ago I made 3 pairs of basic ponte pants-navy, black, and chocolate. I bought the best quality ponte I could find from Marcy and EOS. I bought nice suede flats that match each of the colors. I took the time to get the pattern to fit well. It wasn't exciting sewing by any stretch of the imagination, but I wear one of these pants each and every time I get dressed up in the winter. I wear them to plays, I wear them to the symphony, I wear them out to nice dinners-pretty much anywhere I go when jeans feel too casual. I have so many different tops, jackets and coats that only someone paying way too much attention to me would notice I'm wearing the same pants over and over again. I could make 100 silk shirts, and without a solid core of basic pants, I would not look as pulled together as I do.
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