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Costumes, Costuming, Restoration / Re: Need help with S&S short stays
« Last post by tania-gru on Today at 10:08:03 AM »
And remember to check the finished garment measurement in the simplicity. Simplicity has a bad habit of adding ease to stuff that does not need it. I made a victorian corset from one of their patterns and according to the their sizing I should be a 10, I had to cut out a 6 instead.


And remember, in Lagenlook Land, one woman's dress is another woman's tunic. ;)

 ;D How true !

Rivergum, your lines and colors are striking ! Such a great combination. I just looooove it  :)
Fabrics / Where can I find a good range of nep jersey/knit fabrics?
« Last post by julia230584 on Today at 08:40:21 AM »
I'm quite new to sewing so am still learning about what all the different types of fabrics are called  :)

I think what I am after is called a "nep" fabric - it has a base colour and then little tiny flecks of different colours woven into it (not printed). I often see fashion t-shirts in high street shops made out of this fabric, and would like to make a casual sundress out of it. However, I'm finding it really hard to find somewhere online that sells it in a colour that a) isn't on (don't want 100+ meters of it) or b) isn't cream or grey (I want something bright for the summer). I've attached a picture of the type of ting I'm looking for to this post, hopefully it will show up...

If anyone can recommend an online shop that specialises in a range of this kind of fabrics then I would be really grateful! I am in the UK but don't mind ordering from somewhere in the US as long as they offer UK postage.

I think the more I alter the fabric, the more issues I am coming up with. I should have just listened to you and started over in the right size. That's what I am going to end up doing. I'll take a look at the Simplicity version, which I believe is the licensed S&S stays pattern.

I am super glad you came to that conclusion. I've been thinking of how to help you over the next steps...but they are giant ones and too hard to explain via internet. (Redoing the straps means basically redrawing the front of the arm scye, which you could explain if you were close, but you aren't close yet.) If you get the right size to start with, the straps are more likely to fit as-is, or close.

Take this rough muslin apart (marking seam lines with a marker), and see how it compares to the size that should fit you. If there is a big difference, do the standard piece, and do another piece in the size closest to your muslin piece. Start by using standard, but adjust as needed using the custom sizing. (you may end up mixing and matching sizes a bit). Give yourself big seam allowances (1 inch.) trim these off as soon as soon as you are sure you don't need them to standard SA (5/8 or recommended.) Don't jump into making the real thing, you still first need a finished working muslin that really fits you. You've learned a lot so far. Keep it up!
Chatter / Re: Marie Kondo Tidying (KonMari)
« Last post by Celia on Today at 06:29:22 AM »
Hi Mary you are doing so well, hope your husband supprises you again with the books etc. 

Sylvia. Thank you for the support for my two handbag system it does seem to work for me but I would love to use some different handbags when I am at home

My handbags did not get sorted yesterday as my other half needed some help in sorting the garage which I could not say no to as he is a bit of a hoarder.

I am reading Marie Kondos book properly from the beginning and am seeing things I didn't knowl, this is something I can do while it is too hot to tidy much.

Would love to get some sewing done this weekend as I really need a few hot weather clothes
Chatter / Re: Marie Kondo Tidying (KonMari)
« Last post by RuthieSews on Today at 06:19:30 AM »
Indigotiger glad you are able to move round and do small things at home. I keep a donate bag near the back door (in the cupboard) all the time and its great to be able to pop things straight in there.

Ann impressed you can get online took me quite a while after I moved. Its always tough the first little while in a new house.
Though the point where I did actually cry was where I used the shower and the water came through the living room ceiling and I found the bathroom sub floor was water damaged....
These things all get sorted out with organisation, time and money and then you can continue.

Unlike you I did not do a thorough declutter as I packed. I have then semi unpacked by shoving boxes of stuff into cupboards etc. So now I am having to go through and sort it all out.

My parents are coming over again in 2 weeks time for the day. Dad likes to do little practical jobs so hopefully new light fitting and etc.

The guest bed is covered in boxes from categories I have not got to yet, and it would be nice to have that a bit more sorted before they come. Not that they stay over, so they don't need the bed, but I am in that place where it is worse again at the moment (in a contained area) before it gets better again.
Chatter / Re: USA and Canadian trip
« Last post by Sharon on Today at 05:51:49 AM »
Oh Pina, that is very close.

Thank you again for all the links and info, you are making this trip more enjoyable every time I visit.

ohmygosh! erinalter, that yellow eyelet blouse is darling.

Ditto! I love that!
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Loes Hinse Patterns VI
« Last post by Lisa on Today at 03:39:11 AM »
Here's the Ascona line drawing:

Patterns and Instructions / Re: Loes Hinse Patterns VI
« Last post by andib on Today at 03:22:55 AM »
There was a mention of the Cap sleeve tee a little bit ago, so I decided to jump in and give it a try (I have had it for awhile).

All I can say is WOW, Loes is an amazing pattern designer!  It fits so nicely, and is very elegant.  I do not think this is a great top for my body, as I just cannot get used to my upper arms being exposed.  I gave the top to my friend, and she is more  comfortable with her upper arms exposed. If you have not tried this top, you should (NAYY)!
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