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Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Pain Management/Alternative Medicine
« Last post by Elephun on Today at 10:06:20 PM »
Pina- I'm glad to hear about your son.

I take magnesium on a daily basis for muscle spasms/cramps. I take 600mg in the evening, per my pain management doctor's instructions and it makes a marked difference. I was running out a few days ago and I had to fewer pills for 2 evenings and I felt the difference. In fact, I'm still feeling it. My doctor has explained to me that the quality of the magnesium in brands of supplements varies greatly; so much so that he has his magnesium supplements with high quality ingredients for his patients to use. I used his "brand" for quite a while and they worked well, but they were expensive. I found that the brand Doctor's Best worked just as well (for me) as my doc's more expensive ones. I tried several other brands that were ineffective, but I can't remember the names. I didn't have problems with constipation before taking the magnesium, and no major changes after adding it, but I think that if I were taking more than my muscles need it would go on to have a laxative effect, as someone else noted upthread.

Curcumin, noted upthread, is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory. It's derived from turmeric. As maintenance, I take one pill in the AM, though one can be taken in the PM, too. This was also per my pain management doctor. This is the brand he suggests:

Anti-inflammatory foods, per my pain doc, that I've found helpful:
Dried cherries (also laxative effect)

Walnuts are also anti-inflammatory, per my pain doc, but I'm allergic.

My husband is telling me to eat my lunch now. If I think of anything else to add, I'll be back.

Chatter / Re: The Summer Gazebo (S. Hemis. The Winter Fireside)
« Last post by SuziQz on Today at 10:03:48 PM »
Laurie, I'm glad that you bought yourself a present! 
Fabrics / Re: Fabric for cold weather skirts?
« Last post by cynthia_in_ca on Today at 09:57:16 PM »
Hollyburn is a cute pattern. I just saw a blog where someone made one up in denim. Although not common, I do see skirts and dresses made of fleece. I think the shortest version of the Hollyburn would be adorable in a (very high quality) fleece.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes 2
« Last post by marciae on Today at 09:47:09 PM »
A bit off topic - - I just had an email for a bust adjustment class by Sara Veblen at PR for $10.  I did buy the class.  I'm hoping when cold weather hits and days are long I'll sit and listen to all the craftsy classes and this one plus another of Sara's classes at PR.
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Pain Management/Alternative Medicine
« Last post by marciae on Today at 09:43:24 PM »

Just as an aside: Marciae if I ever had to give up eating nightshade family foods, well, I just wouldn't. I wouldn't know what to eat if I couldn't have tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, potatoes. Well, I do know, but I sure wouldn't enjoy it after a while.

If/when you hurt bad enough you would give up nightshades!! ;D  I'm so used to 'my' way of eating that it doesn't bother me.  There are so many wonderful vegetables out there.  I can and do eat sweet potatoes.  DD has a big garden.  The beets have been wonderful as has the squash.  I also have a gluten allergy.  In the past year I've noticed more and more items available, especially breads.  For a long time all you could get was rice flour bread but now there is a lot more variety.  Once you get on a regime that stops the pain and problems it's pretty darn easy to stick to 'that' way of eating! ;D
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Cinema dress by Liesel and Co.
« Last post by indigotiger on Today at 08:57:35 PM »
woot! just found out that one of the local fabric shops has this pattern in stock...
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Color and Wardrobe
« Last post by NancyQW on Today at 08:50:58 PM »
I know, I know!  I got in pretty late last night and couldn't sleep, so I've been working on a blog post for "the big reveal"!  I'll give you a tidbit though - I am warm!  I should be ready to post blog in about 15 minutes.
Chatter / Re: Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by fzxdoc on Today at 08:12:04 PM »
I honor the concept of audio books, and have occasionally been deeply affected by them, but perhaps it is my age:  I love to fondle books and page back and forth to check what I have just read. I love the voices I supply, and the personae I envision.  I like fussing wth text, and I cannot imagine, for example, how one of my favorite books, Consilience, could be done as an audiobook.  How could you work with that, and how could you deeply consider his ideas presented in the audio format?

Elona, one sure can't beat the speed with which many books can be "read" on audio. I'm not talking about delectable books where each word is savored; those are still best read with the pages in between your fingers, IMO, just as you say.

But there are many good books out there that can easily be listened to and from which a great deal can be gleaned. It depends on one's measure of concentration when multitasking or trying to get to sleep. For example, I enjoy police procedural and/or cozy mysteries. Those books are made for listening to, IMO, because there is not a great deal of style involved, and you can still enjoy the really good yarn.

Plus, some books, especially series books, have the same narrator, so one associates his/her different voices with the characters. Louise Penney had to apologize in her last novel on audio because the narrator had sadly passed away. It made a big difference in my appreciation of that book, since Inspector Gamache's voice did not have that steely warmth that I had come to associate with his dialogue.

Jim Dale made the Harry Potter books come alive as nothing I've experienced. I both read and listened to each HP book, and must say that the audio version was far superior.

All of this said, to each her own. My husband, for example, cannot listen to an audiobook without falling asleep. Me, I couldn't get through a day without listening to one. Well, I could, but it would be an unfulfilled day because my mundane tasks would not have been elevated by "reading".

Chatter / Re: Book Chat: Fiction and Non-Fiction
« Last post by fzxdoc on Today at 08:05:09 PM »
This may not be the correct thread for this.....if so, please redirect me.  I love to read but became hooked on audiobooks during long commutes and hours of house cleaning, cooking, gym workouts, and sewing. My IPod was great until last week when it gave up the ghost.  Since I upgraded my IPhone I thought I would use my 5s IPhone as an IPod.....transferred an audiobook to it (for some reason the digital system always transferred aidiobooks to songs on the music app) and cannot find the book to open and play it. Ideas or suggestions please!  TIA

Debbie, if you have downloaded audiobooks from iTunes or from your computer, they will be in the Books app of your iPhone. That app holds both audio books and e-books.

To download from your library, in many cases you have to download them through your OverDrive app by going to that app, selecting your library, signing in, then getting to your books account, selecting the book, and selecting "download to app". OverDrive is the most popular library digital download app used; your library may use another, however.

I listen to all of my audiobooks this way on my iPhone 5s and my iPad. I used to use my iPod exclusively for audiobooks, but no longer. Since it cannot be upgraded to the latest iOs, it does not have the audiobook features that I can get on my 5s or iPad.

In any case, the person on the reference desk can show you how to get your books into your iPhone and where to find it when it is downloaded.

Back in the old days, the books were indeed found in the Music library on your iPod, which was a huge PITAnkle. Now, with the apps on your phone, the files are loaded directly into that app and have wonderful features like book marking, audio notetaking, setting a sleep timer, setting the narrator's speed faster/slower, etc. You'll be spoiled when you don't have to go from one MP3 file to the next in the Music library.


Patterns and Instructions / Re: Craftsy Online Classes 2
« Last post by Helen M on Today at 08:04:45 PM »
Think you're right Violet! :)
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