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I've  never needed anyone else to fit my shoes . . . do they charge the fee just for bringing them out from the back?  Never mind, dance shoes are available on the Internet too.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Lagenlook Sew Along-Month 3: TOPS!
« Last post by Becca_doll on Today at 05:23:27 PM »
Wow it seems everyone has been ill, I myself am just coming off #blasted# two weeks  #blasted# bedrest  grrrrrr
I have my sleeveless vest to finish then I can post a dress and woollen Bloom and maybe some more slips
Site News and Announcements / Re: 2014 Contribution Drive
« Last post by DragonLady on Today at 05:12:51 PM »
Bumpin' again.  Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed so far. :)
SWAP 2015 / Re: Jersey Blues - No comments here please
« Last post by Ruth F on Today at 05:02:30 PM »
I've managed to get a load of sewing done but not too many photos to prove it!

However, here's a layer skirt skirt) with a poncho worn over the top as a third layer. Then when I get cold, I can pull the poncho up and wear it where it's supposed to be worn.

I've finished another skirt, a dress/top, a sleeveless top and have just started the final top. Might just make it, just might.....

A very good idea, Lisa.

I'll think about it a bit more.... There are still other options, so if this doesn't work out we can try other things.
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Anyone have a Spiralizer
« Last post by mudcat on Today at 03:49:46 PM »
I have the Paderno one.  I've used it with beets, zucchini and daikon.  Roasting the spiralized beets is a lot quicker than the whole ones.  A little ponzu and toasted black sesame seeds on the daikon is refreshingly good.  Cleaning is a breeze as it can all go in the top rack of the dishwaser.

The spiralizer works best with vegetables that are straight.  Sometimes daikon is crooked and it makes it harder to get a good turn.
For the record, I have only ever put distilled water in any iron I've ever used. It wasn't me who gunked up this iron.

Thanks for the cleaning ideas, dscheidt. Unfortunately, this project is going to be scrapped. Further inspection this morning showed some unsavory details. Apparently, someone long before I owned it must have poured something other than vinegar and water into this iron. When I just now poured out yesterday's remaining traces of vinegar water, the stuff was vividly colored blue-green. I really don't want to mess with the chemicals that are possibly burnt inside of this iron now that I've seen that. I'm finished with it. (And I can just about guess which of my relatives did this.)
Chatter / Re: Spring/Fall Porch (depending on location)
« Last post by janquiltz on Today at 03:42:47 PM »
I am all for discipline, but in this case the book worked, the teacher had no troubles with it.  DS was a good kid, very well-behaved, compliant, no complaints from teachers and so on. In short a tough act to follow!   Poor DDs, they were good too but more normal I guess, and I would sit here thinking how 'wild' they were in comparison.   They really weren't wild at all, but they did challenge me more than DS ever did.  :)

No one jumped on couches or beds or anything else like that.   We had friends with two kids roughly our kids' ages, who would come whooshing in here and push everything off my wooden coffee table and spin around on top of the table on their tummies like compass needles.  Well, they did it once, and DH nixed that then and there.   Our friend was miffed that DH asked his children to stop doing something.   DH just said they are your kids but that is my table.  End of discussion :D

I hated to have that family over, we really didn't ask them very often. They didn't leave that close by, so it wasn't usually a problem.   When we visited folks, our kids behaved.   

DU sounds good today, didn't want me to come over.   He did give me a shopping list for Monday.   Oh my, his diet is awful, then again you know if he was craving Dinty Moore stew it isn't the best :D    DH and I considered not buying what he asked for the last time he needed help, but we decided that at best it would 'save' his diet for just a few weeks, he would be right back to it anyway when back on his own.  At almost 88, it hasn't shortened his life appreciably I'd say.  He has eaten like this for decades.

It is interesting though how someone can reach that age in relative good health eating so many prepared foods so high in fat and sodium, and others can follow all the rules and, well, not reach that age, my DM coming to mind.   Maybe I should go on a spam diet to increase my life span?   :D :D

Beautiful day here, is to be close to 80.   DH is outside stripping the last of the paint off the bathroom door which really couldn't handle another layer of paint, it was so thick over the years.   I scraped and swept off the back deck, and he will put a finish on that later today.    Beautiful day to work outside.

DS and and DDIL will bring us the family shop vac later was DFIL's and now rotates among all of us, they were the last to need it.   We will need it once the bathroom door is back up and DH starts sanding the joint compound.    He has been chomping at the bit to sand but is conceding that it would be nice to do it with the door closed.  He has learned a few lessons over the years :D

The 'happy quilt' is in Scotland, and I made hats for Ry and Nathan which I gave them yesterday, and today I want to sew again...I need to finish piecing a quilt, then maybe start another practice bit for the wall hanging I was having problems with...the pieced border that just didn't fit.    I'll make as many practice borders as I need to before I cut the real stuff.    I want this to look good!

Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sew what are you sewing this weekend? 3
« Last post by elizajo on Today at 03:29:47 PM »
I was thankful to have the simple handwork of hand quilting over the past few weeks to help distract from the discomfort of shingles.  I finished the baby quilt  on Thursday and have gotten involved with a new Alabama Chanin top this weekend.  I had new supplies on hand to start a Tabula Rosa knit tunic using AC hand stitching.  Today I'm attaching neck and sleeve bindings.  I'm using PFD cotton jersey from Dharma Trading and a cotton sashiko thread from Aurifil in a chalk color.  After I finish a few of these, I'm going to dye them. 
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: Anyone have a Spiralizer
« Last post by jlsewsew on Today at 02:47:17 PM »
Okay, folks... I went back to Amazon and read reviews and comments and I can hardly WAIT to start playing :) I even forfeited the $1 credit to take the longer delivery time and I am trying to save those up for some Kindle books.  Keep those comments coming, please, so I can show DH before my little toy arrives ;) OnlyI do expect he will enjoy this maybe even more than I will. He is off to the grocery store right now getting supplies to cook up a storm later this morning so I think I am on solid ground, hee hee hee...

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