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Great gave me an idea for my small rolling case I wasn't using anymore!
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Dress SWAP April-June
« Last post by RuthieSews on Today at 08:49:51 PM »
Beautiful dresses and jumpsuits. I am wondering about a very classic shirt dress for this summer.
LM - I think all 4 pieces are 4 different fabrics. The is a possibility that the tank is the same fabric as the skirt only the tank is fully interlined.

The outfit is gorgeous. Absolutely love the jacket. However, unless you have VERY slim hips and a full blown wardrobe department, I'd opt for a somewhat different skirt design. Those pleats in a gauzy cotton or linen would be a PITA! - from initial makeup to eventual upkeep - No way! For my former self - that had a waist - I would make the skirt with a yoke that dropped to my hip level and then do the pleats - stitched in place about 1-1/2" down. That way the skirt would have the same "feel" yet be much easier to maintain and more attractive on most women's hips.

As for fabric...linen, cotton, silk...plenty of options would pull off the look.
I am not allowed, via my contract I'm only able to sell the DVD's. Louise

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Sewing Machines / Bernina Record 930 Stitch Selection Issues
« Last post by kowgiirl.up on Today at 08:22:25 PM »
I started a thread a few weeks back looking for feed back on the 930 and 830 Records located here:,24992.0.html
I ended up buying a 930 Record off a well know auction site. So far I'm very impressed with the way the machine performs. It's been a long time since I've sewing on a machine that feels more like the industrial's that I used to sew on back in the day. It's sturdy and just has a "good" feel to it, like you really have a high end piece.

Ok, moving on to the problem.
At first I figured I must be doing something wrong with all the dials and levers you have to flip, press and turn. I spent a good part of today studying and carefully adjusting per the manual trying to get the machine to preform but with not a lot of luck.

Hopefully I can explain this so it will make sense to others.
When I'm trying to use the Green or Red stitches I can get some to work but others not.
On the Green stitches
I can get the machine to sew the "O" stitches and the "1" stitches just fine. When I move the Selector Lever to "20" the machine will perform that stitch. The "10" stitch sews well but "9, 8 and 7" also look like the number "10". Anything below "7" looks sort of like the number "6" until you reach the number "2". The number "2" pattern matches what the diagram shows.

For the Red stitches.
I can get the "0" and "1" stitches to match the diagrams but that is it. All the rest are a conglomeration of who knows what but quality of the stitches are very nice, just not the right ones.

I'm guessing its out of adjustment as it appears that the red line on the Selector Lever does not line up exactly with stitch number.
The Changeover lever seems to work as it should.

I popped the top off of the machine and all the gears look in really nice shape with little wear and extremely clean. It's almost like the machine was hardly used. The exterior isn't all marked up or beat up. It looks (and smells) like it has been packed away for quite sometime.

The machine sews a very nice straight stitch, zig-zag and basting stitches. Reverse works very well and like I said, all the stitches (even the wrong ones) look nice.

Anyone had this problem before?
Sewing Machines / Re: Bernina 930 Record~ anyone have one
« Last post by kowgiirl.up on Today at 08:17:27 PM »
I just wanted to check back to say that I bought a 930 from a well know auction site. I was on the fence between the 830 and 930. The needle positioner is what steered me to the 930. It arrived Friday and I've been testing it out the last couple of days. So far I really like the way the thing sews but I am having an issue(s) with it and I'll start a new thread about that. The new thread is located here:,25050.0.html

I am certain a trip to repair shop is in order. I wouldn't mind to keep the machine if I can negotiate some with the seller.
Ambimom - I"m guessing for $28 you've got the new, improved version of the rolling tool bag. Mine was on sale for $12.99 when I bought it about 5 years ago. It's quite sturdy - tools are heavy- but could use a bit more structure, however it works great. Enjoy yours!

As for sprinkling the clothes ahead and rolling, that's also the current thinking for spray starch too. If I'm ironi.g several pieces its the easy way.

Of course I"m usually ironing with one foot already out the door -  whatever gets me out the quickest usually wins out.

I would love to buy directly from you, but ....  Would you please consider doing a downloadable version?  Since I watch your videos mostly on my iPad, I like the downloads from Threads as I don't have to copy to computer and then put on iPad.  If I don't have to pay shipping for a DVD, then I have no problem with paying full price for the video.  Please consider doing this.

pics part 2 - I especially love it with the wrap and jacket.
Just finished watching this movie for the first time ever. It's The Freshman from 1990. Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick, Bruno Kirby, Penelope Ann Miller, plus a selection of other nifty actors. Adorable little movie!

In one scene this dress just blows me away. I just love it. Granted, Miller is a willowy 5'7" and very young and would look good in a brown paper bag - but I just love this dress.

What caught me was when they transitioned from the indoor scenes - where she has just the dress (or top and skirt really) with a belt around the middle. When they went outside, she is wearing a wrap plus a jacket. The belt transformed into the wrap. I went back and forth looking at that several times.

Just love the old world flavor of this. So classic.

What do you think the materials are (dress, jacket, wrap)?

What are your impressions?

I grabbed at least a dozen or so still pics since it's a library borrow and it has to go back! Hope these few pics come up big enough for you to see - I know sometimes they get shrunken by the software system.

See below for second set of pics.
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