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Chatter / Re: Spring 2014 Reading
« Last post by Pina on Today at 08:58:14 PM »
When I went to school we didn't have a school library.At school we had to follow a curriculum,no fun reading assignments,only Johann Wolfgang von Goethe,Johann Christoph Friedrich von Schiller and few other poets and authors I can't recall at the moment.The only elective subjects we were allowed to choose was whether we wanted more math or learn a third language,French.

The local area public library had a limit of 2 books every two weeks.I got around that.  ;D  My grandfather loved reading too,only two books every two weeks was not good enough for him.No one said he couldn't walk over 30 minutes one way to another area library and sign me up there too.  ;D ;D

I can't pick one single author I like best either.Every decade I lived I read different books.From Agatha Christie to the first few Danielle Steel and Mary Higgins Clark books during my lunch hour.  ;D

Right now I'm listening to "Alone in the Classroom" by Elizabeth Hay.
Costumes, Costuming / Re: From Christmas to Costume
« Last post by Robin K on Today at 08:53:34 PM »
I'll be watching this with interest Morticiax.  I am absolutely hopeless at re-imagining/up-cycling, etc.  I have rarely, if ever, re-purposed something into a costume -- with the exception of some very beautiful and heavy-weight brocade curtains and that was pretty much a no-brainer because they were begging to be made into a Elizabethan dress!  Please do include a photo of the original chair cover.  Have fun.

Sewing Machines / Re: What machines do you have?? 3
« Last post by vtmartha on Today at 07:30:59 PM »
I'm not sure exactly where to post this so I'll try here.  ;)

Nearly two years ago, I purchased a Pfaff 30 from someone on eBay.   All sorts of life events intervened in the meantime and I am just now getting around to trying it out.  It appears to be beautifully reconditioned and the enclosed stitch samples on several thickness of leather leather are lovely.  I've stitched a bit and it seems to work fine.

It came with a copy of the instruction book, which is very minimal, and I have some questions.  When I am finished with a seam, I would like to pull some thread through before cutting it.  This doesn't happen.  I'm afraid I'll break the needle.  If I pull it though at the tension dial, then I can pull it through the needle.  Is this the way things are supposed to happen?  Also, next to the tension dial is a lever but I have no idea what it does.  It certainly doesn't seem to affect my issue.  The lever has a double ended arrow engraved on it with a small f at the bottom and what appears to be a backwards j at the top.  Does anyone know what this is for?

I'll no doubt have more questions in case anyone can direct me to a site which might help.  Googling hasn't brought up anything useful for me.

Fabrics / Re: JoAnn's Fabrics - Let's Talk! 2
« Last post by LyndaC on Today at 07:20:31 PM »
Here is my JoAnn story.

A few years ago they ran an ad that they were opening a new JoAnn's store on my end of town, and were interviewing at a local hotel.  I was first in line at that hotel when the interviews began.  The man who interviewed me explained that this position involved traveling the whole country, planning and creating craft projects using JoAnn's supplies, setting up stores for this, writing instructions for the local store to follow...everything.

I knew I had this.

I was asked to wait until the interviews were completed.  The man stepped out in the hall, spoke with a woman who was obviously his superior, and I could hear her ask him which one he wanted.  He indicated that he wanted me. 

He called me into a separate room and offered me the job.  Yea! He said the salary was - minimum wage.  There was no expense account, no travel expenses covered.

We sat there and looked at each other maybe 15 seconds.  Then I got up and left.

I saw him later mopping the floors when the JoAnn store opened.  I felt sad for him.

Chatter / Re: Spring 2014 Reading
« Last post by karent on Today at 07:07:26 PM »
I'm going to play devil's advocate here.  I was assigned House of the Seven Gables in middle school (7th grade, I believe).  It was a tedious book for a seventh grader, but fortunately I had a very good lit teacher who was able to tease as much critical thinking out of we students as she could muster from that book. The teacher, and what he/she does with a great novel, is very important.  I hope we have lots of good literature teachers out there, and I hope they are still assigning the classics, because that is where our children begin to develop their critical thinking skills.  :)
I would have to agree.  I recall reading Moby Dick at about that same age, and being so smitten with it I read it straight through a second time.  I also read, in junior high and high school, The Good Earth, War and Peace, and Anna Karenina.  I never considered I shouldn't be reading that stuff, I even read A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich for fun, if you can believe that!  I think priorities have really changed in school, although you know this a lot more than I do.  Cursive handwriting is held up as a major loss, as it is going by the wayside to make room for keyboarding skills and such.  I think the bigger loss is that kids are not learning to read literary classics, either current ones or historical ones.  It kind of melds in with not learning geography, you only have so many hours in a day and one must make room for FB and candy crush after all!   ::)  K

P.S. BeeBee and I read a lot of the same books, and as I recall we frequently met in the library before/after school while doing the bus waiting thing.  We were always carrying a library book along with all the other stuff we hauled around, and I think by the time I got out of junior high I had read nearly every book in the school library (yeah, I know, early geeks).  My high school had a suggested reading list of about a hundred of the "classics" of the time, and I read them all.  Don't see that happening much now.  OK, rant over!   :soap:  K
Beginner's Sewing / Re: SEW EXCITED!!!!!!! nEW MACHINE!
« Last post by Pina on Today at 07:04:40 PM »
Enjoy! and let us know all about your new toy.  Can't wait to see the embroidery designs!

No offense, but why does everyone think I got an Embroidery machine?  I guess thats what sewing has become?

What's wrong with machine embroidery ?  Enjoy your new sewing machine  !
Fabrics / Re: JoAnn's Fabrics - Let's Talk! 2
« Last post by justgail on Today at 06:52:36 PM »
Susan - it wasn't an Ottlight by chance, was it?

I was going to buy one of the new (at that time) LED/magnifier table/floor lamp, because the floor (or was it table?) lamps were 50% off sale.  Got to the register - no sale price.  Found the manager, and said it made not much sense to him either, but the only way that particular lamp would be on sale is if ALL Ottlights were on sale.  Not just table lamps, not just floor lamps.  Something about the way corporate had it coded in the system.  Apparently, they didn't want to put it on sale too often.

I too have gotten a nice suprise when Hancock/Joann have tried to get a head start on putting up signs, and gotten the sale price the night before.
Beginner's Sewing / Re: SEW EXCITED!!!!!!! nEW MACHINE!
« Last post by melissamade on Today at 06:38:33 PM »
Enjoy! and let us know all about your new toy.  Can't wait to see the embroidery designs!

No offense, but why does everyone think I got an Embroidery machine?  I guess thats what sewing has become? 
Chatter / Re: Decluttering4
« Last post by HappyGene on Yesterday at 06:17:25 AM »
This is awesome!  I'll probably post a lot....

The last few weeks: 8 phone books, 55 magazines, 38 movies and 6 books to the library; 3 apple boxes of old 'important' papers reduced to about 10" in a file cabinet; old dresser sold cheap on CL; 10 yesteryear Intel computer compiler packages tossed or given  to collectors; ~200 old DOS shareware disks given away; ~1800 OLD decaying floppies tossed.

Some of it hurt, but I hadn't thought about it until tonight...Yayyy!

Geno B'do
Chatter / Re: Elder Abuse
« Last post by Pina on Yesterday at 05:24:52 AM »
Now that the hospital SW is involved, Piņa, is she going to help your neighbour make changes to her documents?   Hospital SW are not the same as Govt SW and have the role of assisting patients when needed to find housing and or assist with documents, etc. ........................

If you feel comfortable you could even phone the Health Authority and say you have a concern.  A ph nurse would come and do an assessment of the situation and round up other professionals as needed.

Pipsy,things have changed a lot over the years,(depending on the area too).The neighbor was released from the hospital and is home alone. She was not declared incompetent.Hospital social workers look after a person while the person is in the hospital,or make sure certain things are in place,before patients are released from the hospital if the patient is declared incompetent,I was told today.After I asked the social worker whether or not arrangements were made for someone to look after the neighbor.

She needs to call your Health Authority - Fraser?  If you feel comfortable you could even phone the Health Authority and say you have a concern.  A ph nurse would come and do an assessment of the situation and round up other professionals as needed. 

I can't tell the neighbor what to do,I can only make suggestions to call the phone numbers she was given to call.I can't call the health authority I was told today,I have to dial 911 in case I notice something wrong with her.They kept her long enough in the hospital,since March 21st.A psychiatrist called the niece on Thursday and talked to her for a long time.Then talked to her aunt again,then he called the niece back to tell her he would sign the aunt out of the hospital this morning.

I have a feeling I know what the niece had in mind,because of what she said to me on the phone,as well as her actions and inactions,before her aunt ended up in the hospital and while she was in the hospital.The agenda didn't go the way the niece had planned.What bothered me the most,she didn't even care whether her aunt had clean clothes and clean underclothes for over a month.
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