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Chatter / Re: Protests in Hong Kong
« Last post by Helen M on Today at 08:21:48 AM »
I thought of you each time I saw coverage on the news mainly from the BBC. I also thought of the Berlin Wall coming down.

Chatter / Re: Protests in Hong Kong
« Last post by sewsy on Today at 08:14:41 AM »
Manuela, I had no idea. This isn't being reported by any of the news outlets that I watch/listen to. Thank you so much for sharing. Makes one proud to be human. And you were witness to history being made in Berlin as well. Wow.
Lynn Cook has part one of a two part series on a mix and match travel (cruising) wardrobe in the latest issue of Stitches magazine (vol. 23 no. 2) with 2 base colours (black and white), one neutral (caramel) and splashes of turquoise and blue, total garments = 16. The garments are a combination of pants, tees, tanks, shirts and one jacket and would make a good basic casual wardrobe as well.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Style Arc Patterns 7
« Last post by DebbieY on Today at 07:45:18 AM »
Style Arc have an offer on at the moment in the latest stitches magazine (Vol 23 No. 2) - a free Ann t top pattern via email - by signing up to their newsletter with this link (valid till Dec 31st) for those interested.
I envy your knowing what styles do and don't work for you, for me it's unfortunately just a process of trial and error with an awful lot of errors, but since my legs are far from thin, maybe long tunics with narrow pants might not be such a great idea.

Hi Suzy117,

I found Trinny and Susannah's early books to be very helpful. You could probably find a cheap second-hand copy of "What not to wear" or "The body shape bible" or perhaps they will be at your local library. Not infallible, but I found them a good starting point :-)

Cheers, Sarah
Chatter / Re: Protests in Hong Kong
« Last post by Manuela in Hong Kong on Today at 07:10:41 AM »
Pina, I had the same thought last week. What is happening here reminded me very much of what happened in Berlin 25 years ago, and I was there to witness is and take part in it back then too...
Regional Groups / Re: Any Aussies here?/Aussie Chat
« Last post by kushami on Today at 07:08:12 AM »

Just wanted to say I thought of you all on here when I was at the Seekers 50th Anniversary/Farewell concert in Manchester last night!

We'd waited almost a year since booking tickets as the tour was postponed from October due to Judith Durham's illness but oh what a voice she still has. Their songs were all part of my youth and it was a very sentimental evening for I'm guessing all of the audience who were 'of that era'!!

If anyone is interested this is the link from the concert from the local evening paper tonight.

Helen, that sounds like a lovely concert. I didn't grow up with The Seekers but my dad used to sing in a folk trio heavily influenced by them (not professionally).
Regional Groups / Re: Any Aussies here?/Aussie Chat
« Last post by kushami on Today at 07:05:09 AM »
Chatter / Re: Protests in Hong Kong
« Last post by Pina on Today at 07:03:58 AM »
Manuela,thank you very much for sharing this incredible story with us !

I couldn't help the tears in my eyes as I was looking at the pictures and reading your comments,especially "musicians playing 'Do you hear the people sing' from Les Miserables."  Although quite different than what is happening in your city now,it reminds me of when people made history and the Berlin Wall came down.
Sewing Environment / Re: September Challenge - Sewing Room Luxury!
« Last post by Lyn-J on Today at 07:03:48 AM »
Wow JuneBug - what a big difference and love the sheep too! :)

My room is currently trashed again! Its a case of dropping everything to do something else. It does only take 20 minutes to tidy though.

This is the way it has to be :(   sort of tidal tidiness.
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