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Thanks so much for this conversation!  I wear tank tops very often - warm climate + hot flashes means I need layers! :)
Chatter / Re: The Winter Fireside (S. Hemisphere-The Summer Gazebo
« Last post by janquiltz on Today at 04:09:55 AM »
You got snow today Laurie, and possibly Monday too?   No fun :(

As always the forecast for Monday here keeps least the website I look at.   We can possibly get up to 8 inches again, which I sincerely hope doesn't happen as there is still quite enough out there in the streets...streets are quite passable but again parking is exceedingly difficult.    It promises to be a much heavier snow as well, with sleet and freezing rain in the picture.   At least this last storm was light dry snow.   Much easier to deal with!

We haven't had a garbage pick up either, I don't know why at this point, haven't seen a plow anywhere in the past couple of days.   Now they'll be getting ready for the new storm, and trash is piling up all over too, ah well!   I don't like heat in the I'm complaining about snow...can't have everything!

... but i am super eager to start focusing on the spring 6Pac!!!

I feel the same way, so I started looking at the Spring 6PACs from previous years:

Spring 2011,12047.msg205640.html#msg205640
Spring 2012,17307.msg260695.html#msg260695
Spring 2013,20037.msg319209.html#msg319209
& Spring 2014,22986.msg376249.html#msg376249
I was reading back....does anybody still do the "Lucky 7" variation? I'm curious.

Thanks SO MUCH to ejvc for the whole concept! This I think I can DO!
It might be more likely that they would consider charging variable prices depending on factors, like smoking, that are elective and may increase healthcare costs.  So... provide evidence of immunizations or get a surcharge tacked onto your family premium.
Sure.  I liken it to building your house on a flood plain.  You can do that, but homeowners insurance doesn't typically cover floods in flood plains -- that's extra.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sew what are you sewing this weekend? 2
« Last post by LynnH on Today at 01:46:01 AM »
I've gotten a head cold, so I've been curled up watching sewing DVDs.  Very nice way to pass the day.
Beginner's Sewing / Re: My First Completed Project
« Last post by spookietoo on Today at 01:24:38 AM »
Richard it is conceivable that a lining for a canvas bag could use a size 14 without much trouble. Som machines are more persnickety regarding needles than others.

Exclusively sewing heavy weight fabrics such as those used for bags and such, does justify an industrial. But you still may find it a n easier learni.g curve on a home model at times. I have upholstered numerous sofas and chairs with both my first Singer and my Kenmore.  You might even just want to switch occasionally for some of the more delicate/difficult parts.  It will all become second nature after a bit.

I find the differences between the sexes amusing at times, but I'm not much of one for painting either side into a niche.  When I bought my house at the age of 40, and went to the home store to price a desperately needed 4' section of kitchen cabinets,  I was surprised to learn it was going to cost me at least $100 for the REALLY cheesy cabinets and I would still have to "customize" them to get them to fit. So I walked over to the wood section and saw 4'x8' sheets of MDF for $10. I then called my brother and asked if I could borrow his table saw.

I'm getting ready to give my "me built" cabinets a face lift this spring, but I' m still proud of my very first woodworking project.

Hang in'll get it!
Tully, I'm glad we are on the same page.  I wish that kids could be immunized at birth. 

Prof. Reiss did not refer to any actual law suit in the article I read, which she probably would have if any have been decided.   I don't know how you overcome stubborn, arrogant people.  Would a lawsuit help or hurt?  I think it is possible to spin the results either way no matter the outcome. 

Karen,  I think it would be expensive to prove a case of "your child infected mine," and it probably wouldn't make financial sense in most cases. 

An insurance company probably was trying to recoup the loss. 

The injury case you testified in doesn't sound like it would be too hard to win, actually.  Sometimes the only argument is over the amount of compensation, not whether there is liability.  That could have been the issue.   
Hi Shams yes I used my Babylock Coverstitch Machine which I am now more confident about using.  The next project is the same hoodie but in a lovely lace mesh which has been ageing in the stash.
Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Sew what are you sewing this weekend? 2
« Last post by sdBev on Today at 12:55:21 AM »
Im workong on my first Silhouette pattwr, the,yoga pant.
I've not personally heard of anyone being sued from one family to another, I've just always wondered if it has happened and if it might open up the debate more between the rabid anti-vaccine group vs those on the edge who just need a lot more information and reassurance, including the realizataion that their unvaccinated child may cause another to die or that the illnesses are real and could cause their own child to die.   
Sorry to both of you, Tully and SuziQz, I guess my non-legal brain didn't state my thinking correctly.  SuziQz, I doubt too many attorneys would take on a case of one family directly filing suit against another (unless there were clear intent to cause harm, and a large pocket to dive into, maybe.)  I have, however, known of cases where one insurance company (as I said, in the case of auto insurance) sued the family/insurance of another, when severe harm was done.  I assumed it was to recoup the loss.  I have also testified in a case, some years ago, where a nineteen year old was driving a car in negligent fashion with a sixteen year old neighbor as a passenger.  Both girls were injured (I saw them in ER that night), and the family of the sixteen year old did file suit against the much more "prominent" (ie. appeared to have a lot of money) family of the nineteen year old.  I testified in a deposition, but never did try to find out the result.  It happens.  SuziQz, that case was represented by a local personal injury attorney who basically took on every case, still does, and I guess he wins something in enough of them to make it worthwhile.   K

Add:  Tully, do you think some of the pediatricians who are refusing to see unvaccinated children are doing it because they feel they can't educate the parents, or are they doing it because they fear legal action from children who are exposed in their offices?  A conundrum.  K
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