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Chatter / Re: Great British Sewing Bee TODAY BBC Children in Need
« Last post by Pina on Today at 06:58:37 AM »
Thanks,Ambimom !
I downloaded Hola from the Hola site and pasted the iPlayer link Lisanne posted in this SG topic into BBC iPlayer and can watch the video now anytime on Google Chrome too. After watching the show I have to disable Hola,until I want to watch another special sewing bee show.Then I will download Hola again,for some reason I can't turn the Hola icon off and/or on anymore.I could turn it off and/or on last time when I watched other British sewing bee episodes before.
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by BeaJay on Today at 06:52:16 AM »
Wow - this is getting juice already. Must say that last year's SWAP was the closest I have ever come to completing something like this due to it's flexibility. I didn't finish but ended up with a great deal of clothes that work well together and are in constant rotation in my wardrobe which is great.

Really looking forward to seeing how this pans out.
Chatter / Re: The Fall Porch (S. Hemis.: Spring Garden)
« Last post by judic on Today at 05:12:50 AM »
Suzi, We're OK too - our Honda is a 2006. I'll still check the VIN number though.

Laurie - so glad DD and Mitchell got to come visit. He does have definite ideas doesn't he. Wonder who has been telling him 'that's not an option'??  Happy Anniversary.

Jan - you were probably wise to not give too many hugs to the kids - not that they'd get sick from you, but because they may well have bugs you don't want to get... It does seem that they get sick every time they travel. Poor babies. 

Wyatt and Tanner have been sick for over a week. Mostly a low grade fever - and bad tummy wobbles.  Wyatt is really missing school, and doesn't like it that he can't be there. DGS has been good to not bring them here. it seems like they are better - then another episode. I feel badly for DGDIL - she's cleaning and coping and staying home too. I did send a jumbo package of Lysol wipes home with DGS - I got a 2-pack, and we won't need the extra one for awhile.

Lynda - nice progress on your project. It won't be much longer til you are enjoying the new floors and paint jobs.
CCL - the dress and bolero are really nice.  Great fit and a great combination.  Congratulations.

Rene -  I see my snide speak dictionary has got whimsical down as what the xx are you thinking.  Ah well, lifestyles of the rich and famous you know.

I agree that the waistband and zip are necessary to do any further improvements to the hang.  The two parts I wanted to check were the fit and hang in the butt part and the rise/waist size part.  When I ironed them last night I ironed up the hems turned to the inside and the hang of the legs looks pretty good now.  Maybe a little wonky in one.  I think this check fabric would be good fabric to test bow leg correction, but that is on hold with this pair as I believe it is a pattern adjustment.  Do you think they need more rise?  I was using high rise as a relative term, ie higher than in the current styles.  The pattern shows natural waist residing on the cut pieces.  No longer having a natural waist that is somewhat difficult for me to locate.

Assuming I can successfully knock these out I will turn my attention to some brown pinstripe wool blend I have.

Child's Play / Re: fleece sets, 1 down...
« Last post by Debbie S on Today at 04:03:14 AM »
Bohocute, what pattern did you use for the fleece set?  I have been looking for one for my grand baby. 
SWAP 2014 / Re: SWAP 2015
« Last post by LynnH on Today at 03:48:34 AM »
And I'll offer my opposing view.  Every time I 'announce' that I'm in a SWAP - my life dictates otherwise.  I'd be one of those that works quietly in the background and then pops at the end.  My way to unjinx myself.
Costumes, Costuming, Restoration / Re: It Happened One Night Cardigan
« Last post by WendyW on Today at 03:43:59 AM »
Well, I'm diving in. The green stripe mentioned above was gone when I went looking for it, and I've been waiting to find another stripe I like. Tonight I bought a denim-blue & gray stripe in a lightweight upholstery fabric. Tomorrow I start playing.
Regional Groups / Re: Canadian Chat 2
« Last post by judith on Today at 03:17:46 AM »
Pina, sorry, my typing has caused some confusion. I wasn't referring to your video, but I can see (now) how it might seem that way because I didn't word it very clearly. I was referring to the current set of ads on  Global TV in BC, showing distracted drivers and crashes.

My first sentence shoud have been:

"I think the Government has missed the boat on this current advertising campaign."

Sewing Machines / Re: Elna Supermatic Zig Zag Questions
« Last post by Pina on Today at 03:06:52 AM »
Theresa,have you let your DD sew a project on your sewing machine ?   

Since my daughter does not sew  :o I was thinking about something simple to start with but not a clunker that would only frustrate her.

Thanks for any help I can get.

I think the "clunker" in the ad would frustrate your DD.I don't see any presser feet in the pictures and it has a broken part too.  ;) I think you can find a better different brand old model zigzag sewing machine at thrift stores.

Our grandson asked me if he could have one of my old sewing machines,after I show him how to shorten pants.Not jeans,they fit well after they shrink in the washer and dryer,he told me.   ;D

Thinking which sewing machine he would like I considered a newer mechanical made by Janome Kenmore I bought for 1/6 of the new price.But,for a beginner it's not easy to set the different stitches without a manual nearby.I also considered an old  computerized Janome MC 6000 and an old mechanical Bernina 530 Record sewing machine.The old Bernina can sew very nice stitches and the most important thing for a beginner,it's very easy to operate ! I let him decide which sewing machine he would like to take back home.I think he will pick the old Bernina 530 Record.  ;D   He liked to sew straight stitches on my treadle when he was 11 years old. Once he decides he likes sewing,then I will let him pick one of my favorite old sewing machines.
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