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Chatter / Re: Decluttering5
« Last post by Ann on Today at 06:48:04 PM »
Thanks everyone for the words. House is not on market yet as we still have to finish painting the basement. Two of (yes two of us) put the painter's calk around the doors and top of the baseboard. You should have seen us. DH putting on the calk and me smoothing it out (with a few choice words) and wiping it smooth with a damp cloth. We have some more to do but will survive the job with a few good laughs and words. This afternoon`s job is to lay the floor in the cold room.

DD can't take the tubs of fabric yet so I am storing them under the stairs out of the way. If they are here when the house sells she either takes them or they go to the thrift shop. The rest of the stuff has dates on their departure.

I have to do a bit of tidying up (training) and I may get another floor done before this afternoon is over. I love seeing the end of the tunnel arriving.

Fashion, Style & Wardrobe / Re: Lagenlook 2
« Last post by elizajo on Today at 06:33:01 PM »
I like Cutting Line Design's "A New Dimension"  The dolman sleeve works over lots of my tops and I like that it looks more jacket than shirt.  I wear it with shorter linen tanks and also longer tunics.  The v-neck works well with lots of my tops, too.  I made a similarly proportioned jacket called "Kimono"  from the Bold and Beautiful book.  It came out really short, but I found that it looks right with some of my longer tunics. 

Since I always wear Lagenlookish oufits with 3 layers, I have quite a few outer layers.  Most often, I take a favorite top pattern and convert to a jacket so the sleeves can work together.  I have modified the Liberty shirt by Sewing Workshop as a longer collarless jacket to go over a Liberty t-shirt. I did something similar to a Bold and Beautiful tunic pattern.
Chatter / Re: Decluttering5
« Last post by justgail on Today at 06:09:21 PM »
Wonderful news on the Great Purge being done, Ann!  And you are so right that maintaining can be difficult too.  It's way too easy to put things "here for now", at least it is for me.

No major news on my efforts, sleep issues to finances/taxes (no trouble, just lots of decisions to make) and DS, I just don't have the energy or ambition to do much more than going through the Southern Living annual recipe books that I thought would be good to have.  But after looking through them, I'm thinking they have a lot of repeats and near-repeats.  Not just between years in those books, but between church cookbooks I HAD and recipes I've clipped out of magazines and newspapers over the years.  I'm writing down a few that look unusual AND not overly involved.  By making myself write them out, it's cutting way down on those I do keep.

I still would like to find a mix-and-match template for casseroles.  A list of starches/proteins/vegetables/sauces/etc with approximate proportions of each and perhaps some classic combinations as a baseline.  I daresay I could get rid of 3/4 of the recipe clippings I have.

Tools and Notions / Re: Steam a seam - what happened to it?
« Last post by justgail on Today at 05:50:40 PM »
Thanks for the heads-up. 

Interesting - I wonder if they put it there so it's not covered under the 50% off notions wall sales?
Reviews / Re: New Sewing Book
« Last post by justgail on Today at 05:48:24 PM »
I saw his review, what I'm wondering is if this one would replace several of the vintage books I have.  Some of them have one or 2 items not covered in the other books.  It would be nice to free up some space on the shelf. 

A better answer might be to sit down with those books, decide which to one to keep, and copy the pages that are in the other books, and then set those books free. 
Food/Recipes/Health / Re: 5:2 Fast Diet
« Last post by Michael A on Today at 05:27:21 PM »
A couple of fellow travelers here.  You are doing great Erin.  I can't say the pounds or inches are melting away for me, but there seems to be a steady downtrend.  I found that after the first month I really don't get all that hungry on my fast days.  And I don't eat until an evening meal.  I hate to be hungry at night and especially at bedtime.  I have found that if my one meal at 5:30 to 6:30 is almost completely protein I will remain very satisfied through the night.  And oddly enough I'm quite possibly less hungry than usual the next morning.  So I've been eating roasted boneless, skinless trimmed chicken breast or non-fatty fish for the protein and a large quantity of a steamed or boiled vegetable of the non-starchy type, usually something in the Cole family, for immediate filler.  I'm hoping weight and inches will shed more quickly now that it is starting to warm up and I can motivate myself to get out into the woods on nature walks a couple of times or more a week.  On non-fast days I've tried to maintain a bit of portion control, but mostly I've been eating everything as normal.  And I'm normally pretty keen on some high fat foods.  Another thing is that I used to sometimes get absolutely faint with hunger sometime in the afternoon if I hadn't eaten yet.  I thought I was having low blood sugar and I was going to pass out if I didn't get some cheese and crackers or a peanut butter sandwich or donuts or cookies or something in me immediately.  This would usually hit me a couple of times a week.  Since my fasting, and I mean from day one, that feeling has never hit me.  Not once.  Not on fast days, not on non-fast days.  So I'm fairly well convinced that it was purely a mental construct to increase my food intake.

Chatter / Re: Clothes & Patterns from Drape Drape books
« Last post by annenet on Today at 05:21:35 PM »
The patterns, to say the least, look a bit confusing. Right now I have to finish a cover I'm making for my cover stitch machine as Babylock put's the chanciest covers in with their sergers and cover stitch machines.
Patterns and Instructions / Re: Dana Marie patterns
« Last post by suggie on Today at 05:20:03 PM »
I started poet blouse and will now finish after seeing her website.  The Kowloon coat looks fun to make.  Nancy notions has a version with hood on her site.
Heirloom and Hand Sewing / Re: Knitting IV
« Last post by sewsy on Today at 05:15:18 PM »
I'm at the beginning of knitting a sweater for DGD's birthday. I've found a really cute pattern on Ravelry and am having a bit of trouble understanding some of the directions. I've knitted up to row 18, and am now working on row 19. I'm having a problem understanding the instructions for this row. I've knitted it, ripped out the stitches, tried adding up and counting the stitches (they're supposed to add up to 85), but I can't make heads or tails of it. Here are the stitches for Row 19:

Row 19: p3, (k1 tbl, p2) 0 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) times, MB, *(p2, k1 tbl) 4 more times, p2, MB - repeat from * 3 times, (p2, k1 tbl) - 0 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) times, p3;

If anyone can explain to me what the above is saying, I'd be most grateful. I understand that I'm to P3, then k1 in the back of the loop, P2....four times...that's the size I need. then make a bobble. Then P2, k1 in back of loop....4 more times, p2, make another bobble. I get that.

After that, I'm stumped as to how to knit the rest of the row. Any suggestions would be appreciated! DGD's birthday is April 3rd!!!
Chatter / Re: Great British Sewing Bee 2015
« Last post by annenet on Today at 05:06:43 PM »
Denise - you're on!
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