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SWAP 2019 / Re: M lambie's SWAP
« Last post by M lambie on Today at 03:10:03 AM »
So, this is just a quick update of my life since I last posted regularly.

But first, I should thank the nice SG member who gave me a gift subscription for 2018. I feel bad that I have let you down by not posting or participating as much in 2018 as I have in the past! However I am very very thankful that you thought of me! Thank you so much, I  appreciate it more than I can say.


So, my life story. ;) Last year was rough! I posted at the time about my husband's heart attack. He's doing great now. ;D There was a lot of adjusting going on during the first part of 2018 though (diet, cooking, activity, etc.). Then in May, I literally had gathered my fabrics and cleaned & organized my area, etc. in preparation of beginning to sew the next day... and then that night I found a bedbug on our futon. I was up till 2 a.m. that night! It was a nightmare with so much cleaning, throwing stuff out, emptying out closets & drawers, etc. for the exterminators, etc. I ended up throwing away more than I should have sadly. It took 2.5 exhausting months to finally be cleared. And then we had to leave for Alaska for my niece's wedding the very next week! The only thing I sewed were my sad failed leggings and one successful skirt alteration (yay). I had to buy a dress in Anchorage to wear to the wedding. (I also altered dresses for two other nieces!) Then in the fall, our building had scheduled multiple upgrades which was awesome, but it means there were workmen in the apartment every few weeks. For example: new windows. Awesome. But the entire place was covered in dust & dirt afterwards. I never really got it together. Life was crazy.

But anyway. Here is a photo of my sister and me with our niece at her wedding! We had a really nice time.  ;D

And here's to 2019! So far it's been great. I participated in a weight loss contest with my sister & brother and one niece and we won! So I'd say it's a good start and I'm optimistic about finally finishing a SWAP.
SWAP 2019 / M lambie's SWAP
« Last post by M lambie on Today at 03:03:09 AM »
So I started my SWAP topic earlier today and it took me some time to get my post together... and then I went to post and the site was down. ARGH!! Of course I did not save a copy of the post anywhere.

So, I'm using elements from my 2018 & 2017 plans since I didn't sew up either plan. I'm even reusing my inspiration photo from last year.  My true inspiration is my stash and my need for new clothes but the photo does capture some elements that illustrate the plan, including of course color.

Image by Thierry Cohen, found at

I like this image for a few reasons: the muted dark colors, the lines and grids of the buildings which resemble stripes and plaids, the peaceful night sky, and that it depicts a city. I'm a Chicago girl, not a New Yorker ;) but it still works. If you look at the full size image, you can see all kinds of muted colors in it, on top of the obvious black, dark blues, greys, and accents of white. The other colors include blue-violets and periwinkle; muted teals and greens and lighter greyed blue-greens; brick, muted maroon or burgundy, dusty rose, dusty coral or terracotta, rosy brown; and all kinds of taupes, tans, and beiges. So it lends itself to multiple accent colors that I have in the stash.


This is my basic outfit style: dress worn as a top with a skirt or 2 underneath and a cardi on top.

It took me some time to wrap my brain around the rules but I get it now. ;) I still haven't figured out exactly what assortment of garments I will sew. Since this time last year, I've lost 40+ pounds with about 10 more to go. I desperately need new clothes that fit! I've assessed my needs and here are my thoughts about garments thus far:

  • I have 4 pairs of leggings whose seams I messed up when I tried to construct them last summer.  :'( I wasn't paying attention, just sewing assembly-line style. I know, it was really stupid. But I didn't realize I needed to mess with my presser foot pressure, and all the seams ended up very rippled. I think I am smaller enough now to cut off the stupid seams, press, and re-cut and re-sew them. I won't count them for SWAP though.
  • For my actual SWAP, my first need then is new skirts. My skirts are in dire shape. I can alter two by tightening the elastic waist and will do that a.s.a.p. I figure I need at least four skirts to get going. It would be good to have five, but I'm not sure if that will work within 11 garments. We'll see.
  • I figure I need at least 5 upper body garments for this plan, including a minimum of 3 dresses. To keep things simple, I probably won't attempt to sew any other type of top (t-shirt or tank, etc.). I also need at least 2 cardigans or toppers. Realistically I have several RTW dresses that will do for now even if they're not ideal. I would actually like to do some new Alabama Chanin tanks but maybe I should wait for summer 6-PAC to attempt those!
  • It would be lovely if I could use my two wildcards to make an anniversary dinner outfit, but I'm guessing my hands will be full working on new patterns so hopefully something within the basics will do.  ;D


  • navy
  • black
I have multiple solids, including wovens and knits, of each. I also have a few more fabrics in these colors that would work as neutral - a black pinstripe and windowpane plaid in both a black and a very dark midnight blue. I find I am really excited about some of my navy fabrics this year. ;D

Accents (I know we can only have 5 fabrics; these are my options):
  • blue/black/white plaid cotton - I have enough of this to do two garments if I choose, one dress & one skirt
  • TBD, maybe grey(s) - I have woven and knit solids plus one print that reads as a textured solid and one pinstripe
  • TBD, maybe dusty purple - I have a linen that I love in this color
  • TBD, maybe a black/white plaid cotton
  • TBD, maybe I'll count my windowpane fabrics as accents (I'll have to see how they work with the other prints)
  • TBD, maybe a patchwork garment (cardi)

I'll write more specifics about fabric & garment pairings and patterns in a separate post soon. But first, my updated life story in the next post lol. ;)
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
« Last post by mudcat on Today at 01:59:32 AM »
If I were voting I'd be voting for your cardigan, Ruthie. The beading is brilliant.  I think you have a good chance to move to the second round because so many people are not doing anything extra which I believe is what the judges look for.
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
« Last post by warpjr1965 on Today at 12:29:54 AM »
Lovely trousers Ruthie!  That really is a nice color on you.  I agree with you that perhaps they are a little long, but I'm not suer I would have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out.

Still no SWAP sewing around here, although I do have a blue item ready for sewing now.  I am still working on the bag, just almost done interfacing, once I start sewing I think it will go quickly.
SWAP 2019 / Re: Ruthie's Stained Glass Window SWAP
« Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews on Yesterday at 07:27:02 PM »

I've now got 5 teal pieces complete which is frankly probably enough, but I have a skirt cut out, a dress planned, also another top and the top which needs light coloured thread, so if I do all of those it would be another 4 teal garments. Without too much pain I could find 2 more garments and have a whole 11 piece teal collection. However that would not fit with the rules this year so no dice!
A sadly sick Indigotiger has nothing to do but doze and daydream (well really I have lots that I ought be doing and want to be doing, but that isn't happening and will all have to be caught up later) my thoughts turn back to wardrobe planning, which is a Useful Sort of Daydreaming... It occurred to me that rather than using my denim pinafore as my "already sewn" SWAP garment, I could use the Alabama Chanin style cardigan that was my only completed object from last years SWAP. It has all the neutral colors in my wardrobe combined together. This would, of course, entail possibly making a second pinafore instead to substitute for the "previously sewn" denim pinafore. Looking at the fabric resource shelves, there is enough textured indigo/black linen, originally intended for either a jacket or an SCA garment, which would be delightful as a pinafore.

SWAP components revised:
  • jacket - Alabama Chanin style brown/indigo/black cardigan (previously sewn)
  • pinafore - indigo/black linen waffle weave
  • pinafore - brown corduroy
  • dress - everyday dress indigo pinstripe cotton/linen
  • dress - popover dress indigo marble batik rayon
  • blouse - brown/white linen oxford cloth (sewn before December 26)
  • blouse - cream/brown mushroom print cotton
  • blouse - indigo/black floral cotton lawn
  • blouse - blue/brown/multicolor floral cotton lawn
  • knit top - taupe/teal/multicolor feathers print cotton lycra
  • leggings - brown cotton jersey
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
« Last post by Grasshopper on Yesterday at 06:45:34 PM »
Your trousers look very nice, Ruthie!  I agree that perhaps the hem might still be slightly too long but I, too, don't like it when pants hike up too much and overly expose the ankle so perhaps it is best to let them be.  All of your teal pieces are very lovely and blend so well together and the teal is a very pretty color for you.  Neutral but not boring, for sure!
SWAP 2019 / Re: Ruthie's Stained Glass Window SWAP
« Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews on Yesterday at 04:11:52 PM »
Trousers finished!

I replaced the curved waistband with a straight one with a double overlap and 2 buttons. This feels nice and secure compared to just having the invisible zip coming into the waist area. I have found that the zip can fail in wear, at the intersection of the waistband and upper body.

I do wonder if they are hemmed slightly too long as there is bunching over the foot where they are laying over the ankle boot, however with this length, when you then sit the ankle doesn't get exposed too much. I already removed their original hem allowance and turned up a 6cm hem.

I used a dark blue invisible zipper as the teal ones were too bright and this blended better.

The fit is OK though not perfect. I'm not going to agonise over it too much. If I tried these on in a shop I would be overjoyed and buy them immediately.
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
« Last post by fzxdoc on January 16, 2019, 01:07:45 PM »
Ruthie, adding that touch of beading on your cardi is a brilliant idea. It really elevates the piece.

SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 - Discussion
« Last post by Sew Ruthie Sews on January 16, 2019, 12:51:37 PM »
What a lovely idea Ruthie - your jacket does look special.
Could you use it as a PR entry inspired by Living Coral  ;D

Yes that's the plan.
I'm going to finish the teal trousers and do some sort of indoor photo shoot I think as its rainy and cold so can't do the usual wheely bin in the garden approach (which is how I did photos for SWAP last year).
Maybe I'll bring as many portable lights as possible into my living room and try to get the shots in front of my inspiration quilt.
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