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Where did EVERYTHING go? 
I can only see 2 sites now - this is one of them.
Please restore Artissquare for us!!!
Quote from: Bookish on Yesterday at 03:42:07 pmYes, but what happened to my beloved Pattern Board????

Hi @Bookish

Have you checked to see if your subscription is paid up? I think they came up for renewal at the start of the year. I can still see the Style Arc thread in "Patterns and Instructions" where you and I had a discussion back in December.

SWAP 2020 / Re: Dawn's Stop Thinking and S...
Last post by crazyquilter - Yesterday at 06:13:28 pm
I was just sitting here thinking about it again.  I can't figure out why the neck got bigger when I didn't add any to it, just to the shoulder.  I got frustrated and put it down for a couple of days.  I'm hoping to try again tomorrow.

I'm planning to make some in linen and possibly pieced.  I have a lot of  linen clothing that I'm wanting to upcycle.  I think this pattern or a similar one if I can't make this work, would be good for small pieces of fabric or a pieced treatment.

I'm looking at the All Well Box Top pattern tonight.

These are similar to what I'd like to make.

SWAP 2020 / Re: Dawn's Stop Thinking and S...
Last post by LyndaC - Yesterday at 04:40:40 pm
Let us know how this comes out.  Once you are pleased with the fit, do you plan embellishments, like lace or piping?
Yes, but what happened to my beloved Pattern Board????
CCL's Pre-2020 SWAP Jacket Challenge / Re: Voting for Intermediate t...
Last post by fzxdoc - January 21, 2020, 06:51:12 am
You did a wonderful job, @indigotiger . It was fun to follow along with your progress and a delight to see the final product. The artistry and whimsey that you combine into your garments along with your fine technical ability sure shows through in this jacket. Wear it in happiness and health.

Aww thanks! It was a really fun project to make, and really pushed my comfort zone to do so much improvisation... I just wish that more folks had been able to complete their planned jackets, as I love seeing what others are making.
SWAP 2020 / Re: Dawn's Stop Thinking and S...
Last post by crazyquilter - January 20, 2020, 03:04:58 pm
Well, I finished my third muslin for this top.  The good news is that it doesn't bind at all.  The bad news is that it slips off my shoulders.  I tried the method at this link.  Obviously 1.5" on each side was too much.  I'm going to try taking it apart and drawing a new back adding less.  I really think I will like this shirt if I can get it to work.  At least I hope so.
Quote from: CCL on January 20, 2020, 07:32:43 amTo make it official - the votes have been counted and this year's Intermediate to Advanced Jacket Challenge winner is.....


IndigoTiger, look for a PM from me so that I can provide you with a $25.00 gift certificate to your choice online vendor of sewing supplies!

Yay!  :applause2:
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