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Good point about the collar and inability to wear a jacket with that Vogue pattern. It's always the case that there are things that I don't notice before starting a pattern. Good to consider. It's still a lovely look. Not sure why but I have always liked a wide or boat-style neck.

PS If I may ask, how do you get such great pictures for showing what you want to show. Tripod?

I think it was Bessie who spotted the collar issue...I still struggle with visualizing proportions and everyone here is such great help!

Re photos:  Somewhere on the classic SG there's a thread about taking good photos... I couldn't find it quickly.

In respect to mine, most of the recent shots are with my Samsung Galaxy Edge 8. Sometimes I do a selfie in the mirror and sometimes BH is my camera man with the Samsung.  But the really good shots are ones he takes with some of his cameras - I will ask him what camera and lens set up he likes best for these.

Some of the really older shots are with my canon video camera, set to photograph, put on the counter and controlled via remote.

I think the trick to better shots is to find a white wall and stand about 3 feet away from it.  Oh, and try to use natural light as much as possible. My landing gets soft light through a window, so there's no direct light causing a lot of shadows or distortions of colors because of bright light.

Not sure that is much help.

PS.  He just reminded me that all the camera information for each photo is on its flicker page to the right of the comments.  So that might be useful as well.
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 Pre-SWAP discussion
« Last post by indigotiger on Yesterday at 06:15:42 PM »
...are you adapting the pattern for the brown shirt ?
My TNT pattern I used for the brown flannel shirt is rather more loosely fitted (being originally copied from a pyjama top), and the front of the bodice is cut on the straight, not on the bias... My TNT everyday dress pattern has a bias cut front, a low U neckline and has not yet ever been adapted for a button-front opening or a collar. Some fabrics look well cut on the bias, and others just look wierd. (For this SWAP, I need both options, as pinstripes or stripes look great on the diagonal, but the little horses or mushrooms on two of the prints I hope to use will just look peculiar)
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 Pre-SWAP discussion
« Last post by Lisanne on Yesterday at 09:18:13 AM »
Great dress - Indigotiger
To make it, are you adapting the pattern for the brown shirt ?
SWAP 2019 / Re: SWAP 2019 Pre-SWAP discussion
« Last post by treefrog on Yesterday at 04:36:09 AM »
Indigotiger -  Your sketch looks fantastic.  I like the way you are going to use the direction of the pinstripes.  I'll be interested to hear how you plan ti use the duvet cover.

Grasshopper - I love you inspiration piece.  Such beautiful colours.

Stephanie - I'm in awe at your knitting skills to work in the different colours.  My initial interpretation on the core vs wildcard colours was the same as yours.  At the moment, I'm thinking of concentrating on the core set and possibly making a bra/pantie set for the wildcards.

Wendy - The wool fabric is gorgeous!
SWAP 2019 / Re: indigotiger's Earth and Sky SWAP (comments in discussion thread)
« Last post by indigotiger on November 19, 2018, 09:48:54 PM »
sketch of the everyday dress I will be making as my "post rules but pre SWAP" sewn garment, to be made from indigo pinstripe cotton

Also, this weekend I was given an entire duvet cover of dark indigo/white, in a sort of slubby oxford-cloth flax linen fabric which is sort of like shot cotton in that the warp is all dark and the weft is all light, so the overall color is almost grey-ish indigo. Definitely reads as a solid color. Not sure where to fit it into my plans, but I definitely want to make a dress from it!
CCL's Dress Challenge / Re: The Pre-2019 SWAP Dress Challenge
« Last post by indigotiger on November 19, 2018, 09:30:20 PM »
Becky  - we will miss your participation... yay for the losing weight, assuming it was intentional - but understand that sewing what our wardrobes actually need is the most important.

For myself, I definitely need dresses to wear under pinafores, as the weather here is getting colder...
this is what my plans are for this challenge. I am going to adapt my everyday dress pattern to have both a button band bodice and a peter pan collar. This will require drafting both of those additions, as well as raising the front neckline. I have pinstripe indigo cotton fabric that will be fun to play with stripe directions in this dress, which will, in addition, be part of my SWAP 2019 (the "sewn before official start date but after rules posted" garment)
CCL's Dress Challenge / Re: The Pre-2019 SWAP Dress Challenge
« Last post by BinMI on November 19, 2018, 08:09:01 PM »
Not a family emergency...Just a clothing crisis...I’ve lost just enough weight that I only have one pair of recently purchased jeans that fit me...I need to sew pants for the coming season.

I will need a few dresses next year, one in June so will probably jump in on another dress thread when the time gets closer. I think this challenge is such a fantastic idea!

I will be watching this thread for inspiration!
Here's Simplicity 4548:

While out shopping with my daughter so that she could spend her birthday money, I ran across this scarf:

I liked it because it contains a lot of the colors that are in the Autumn Rain still life above, but it also features a taupe gray background and would allow me to sew up more of my stash, which is a big motivator for me.  Here is the color palette for it:

With this scarf as my inspiration piece, I could work with the following two neutrals:  taupe gray and cognac.  This matches up with fabrics in my stash:  taupe gray moleskin, taupe gray wide wale corduroy, cognac pinstripe suiting.

Then, I could work with the print/accents of cognac/gray floral crepe, golden yellow, rust, and teal.  Thinking along these lines:

Core of 9 Items

Required - Neutral 1:  Taupe Gray Moleskin 40s Blazer (Simplicity 3688 - Sewn prior to October 28, 2018)
Required - Neutral 2:  Cognac Pinstripe 40s Blazer (Simplicity 4548)
Required - Neutral 1 or 2:  Taupe Gray 40s Skirt (Simplicity 3688)
Required - Neutral 1 or 2:  Cognac Pinstripe 40s Trousers (Simplicity 3688)
Required - Accent or Print:  Golden Yellow Blouse (Pattern TBD)
Neutral, Accent, or Print:  Cognac Pinstripe 40s Skirt (Simplicity 4548)
Neutral, Accent, or Print:  Teal Top or Blouse (Pattern TBD)
Neutral, Accent, or Print:  Rust Top or Blouse (Pattern TBD or RTW)
Neutral, Accent, or Print:  Cognac/Gray Floral Crepe 40s Blouse (Pattern TBD)

2 Wildcards

Wildcard 1:  Cognac/Gray Floral Crepe 40s Dress (Butterick 5281)
Wildcard 2:  Taupe Gray 40s Trousers (Simplicity 3688)
mudcat's 2018 Summer Sew-A-Long / Re: VWG trip to NZ
« Last post by LyndaG on November 19, 2018, 07:21:02 AM »
Well VWG, our wonderful NZ weather is at it again.  Really warm one day/ and then snow the next.  So we are now in the planning stages for Spain.  Quite excited, have a number of ideas because I want to see some of France as well.  Going at the end of August into September next year, leaving winter behind to go into Summer/Autumn I guess.  I have already got some clothes sorted, a girl has to plan way ahead you know.  Actually they are for our summer coming up - well when it does - but being good they should see me use them on the trip.  These are brought clothes but well made from my favourite shop which unfortunately is closing down due to retirement of the designers.  Love there stuff, always nice to get clothes that fit my little body.  My husband is interested in a Jazz band 'Sant Andreu Jazz Band' so that was the suggestion from me to go and see if we can see them.  You need to be a bit subtle if you want to go somewhere you have always wanted.  Have been to Canada a couple of times, still a lot of it I would love to see but that is a bit easier than the Europe trip for us.  Was going to recheck Margy's site, I remember all her planning for trips.  Such great ideas.  So glad VWG that you have a great time in New Zealand.  Cheers Lynda
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