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Title: An Important Message About Buying or Selling Here
Post by: DragonLady on January 05, 2019, 08:39:31 PM
Use of the Auction/Yardsale board is "at your own risk."

Just a reminder that Stitcher's Guild doesn't (and can't) guarantee either delivery of items purchased, or payment for items sold.  The Auction/Yardsale board has allowed many of our members to connect as buyers or sellers of sewing-related merchandise and that is it's function (and we're delighted it's worked so well for so many of you).  But once you've identified someone you want to buy from or to whom you wish to sell, it is up to you to negotiate the terms of your transaction

While our members are generally wonderful people and there have been many, many happily completed transactions, we have become aware that there have been some transactions that were not satisfactorily completed.  Please consider what risks you're willing to incur to take advantage of an offer (to either buy or sell) with another member.  With a small transaction, you may be willing to proceed without further protections (or you may not!).  The decision is up to each of you.

If you decide that you need to mitigate your risk, please consider how to reduce/control your risks and make whatever arrangements make you comfortable.  We can't tell you what might help, but you may want to consider using a payment-on-delivery service or a payment method that will recover your cash if there is a problem with delivery.  If you can arrange for local pick-up/payment that may be useful.