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Jean Haas Duct Tape Double Class


Do any of you have any experience with Jean Haas' dress form classes?  She sold out at the ASG Conference in DC this summer.  I am the education chair for my local ASG chapter, which means I plan 4 education programs a year.  My members really want to do a dress form class.  Any suggestions? 

I'm taking her on-line class "darting below the waist" right now on PR, and it's terrific. She uses videos, and posts the student work on her website, and advises on how to make the darts, etc, by video. I'd love to take her whole body class.. If you can get her, your members will get a lot out of it. I spoke to her yesterday, and it seems that ASG will be in San Francisco next year (where I live), so I guess I'll have to wait.

Where are you located?

Linda 75142:
I've been in Jean's class "Rip it off with tape" where she teaches how to copy your favorite blouse/pant whatever by using masking tape.  I thoroughly enjoyed her class.  I also purchased her tapes on how to make the duct tape double, but alas, I haven't cornerned my Sis into helping me make one for myself yet.

You might look into her tapes if you can't get her in person


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