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Studio Kat bag patterns?


Fox Valley Patti:
Has anyone attempted these?

I've never made a bag, but saw a couple of very cute patterns from this line on the Sewing Place's website.

Nothing on PR, so thought I'd ask here!

I bought the Vervalise pattern, but haven't made it up yet.  It's just been too hot to sew.  You can see the whole line of patterns HERE.

I've made the "Polso Pouch" and the "Bellagio Bag" (3 times). Good experiences, both times. Very good instructions, and all the pattern pieces are included. You dont have to make any yourself. I think the new bag she has out is VERY interesting. I think that will be my next one. It looks like a good one to work up for Christmas presents. (Yes, It's that time already!)

OK, FV Patti, since I've never heard of Studio Kat patterns, I had to immediately check the website:  Studio Kat. 

There are some really cute bags on that site! 

Natasha J:
I'm not sure how I missed this post.  It's been here for 2 months.  I LOVE handbags.  I had never seen these patterns or the site before. Thanks for sharing this.  I'm sure I will have a ball with the information.   ;D 


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