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Cutting Line Design Patterns Info Index
« on: May 13, 2007, 06:32:54 PM »
 I thought it would be good if we had an info index for the patterns Louise Cutting designs. I'll be happy to work to keep this updated. I'm still not completely sure how this is supposed to work, but Lisa nicely explained it to me. What better way to learn than by starting the index!

Lisa has posted *how-to* instructions for doing your posts both in the info index general topic thread and the 1st post of the HP Info Index.

Please note: I will be away most of this week, but will start in on formatting and updating when I return.  I'll delete this note when it no longer applies.

Post away! Names of patterns, since most of us use that rather than the number, link to where it is, whatever else is short but pertinent, like, this is on a blog, or PR, etc.

MODS: I am so silly! Could you please change the name of this thread to Cutting Line Design Patterns Info Index?  I don't believe I can. Thanks!
Rene Marie
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