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Lillie's Not So Basic Basics
« on: January 04, 2019, 04:31:12 AM »
When Lillie said, “Aren’t you at least going to look at the rules?”  “Doesn’t mean you are going to participate again, just look and see what the rules are, will be fun.”  Of course, Lillie knew that if I looked I would want her to at least throw together a quick plan, assuming the rules were compatible with what I had on hand and what I needed.

So, after conferring with Lillie and looking at the rules she came up with this tentative plan. 

Neutral #1 – Indigo
Neutral #2 – Grey
Accents – Turquoise, Purple and Orange.
The garments would be as follows:
Neutral #1
1.   Lt. Indigo linen jacket (already made from self-drafted pattern)
2.   Jeans, stretch denim using Silhouettes Lana Jean pattern
3.   Indigo challis button down shirt, Seamworks Rachel
Neutral #2
1.   Slim Pants, med. Grey ponte’ – CJ Patterns Perfect Skinny Pants
2.   Pencil skirt, med Grey ponte’ - CJ Patterns Basewear Two, modified to add pockets like the Perfect Skinny Pants
3.   Tee shirt with turquoise/purple/orange graphic stenciled on front – Dk Grey cotton jersey (Could be considered accent?)
4.   Cardigan – Grey wool, machine knit from self-drafted pattern
Accent – Turquoise long sleeve tee shirt with crochet yoke – upcycled from thrift store XXL tee shirt
Accent – Turquoise/Purple plaid shirt – Seamworks Rachel
Accent – Floral Jersey with Turquoise/Purple and Orange on white ground – self-drafted cowl neck tee shirt
Wildcard – Patchwork skirt using scraps from the above garments.

Ok, we have a plan, now the small problem of the “Inspiration”.  Since the “inspiration” came from what was available, with a few additions, I thought, no problem, I’ll just weave a wall weaving using the chosen colors.  However, I neglected to look at the rules again and see the addendum stating things made as an “inspiration” needed to be completed and posted prior to 12/26.  Alas!! It is now 12/28 – what to do?  I thought, just pull out, after all, I hadn’t really started.  Lillie threw a fit, complaining that she has gone to all that work to design the plan, and I needed to figure it out.
So -  I half-heartedly looked for an inspiration photo or graphic whining all the way.  Fortunately, some fellow SWAP sewists took pity on me and come up with several awesome photos.

After looking at all of them I decided to go with Indigotiger’s suggestion.

Apology for the size, I don't remember how to size it down.

I haven’t uploaded it to a palette generator, that was one of the things that was stopping me in finding my own ispiration photo, every time I found something somewhat suitable, when I run it through the palette generator the main color that was found was a burgundy, which is not included in the plan, nor likely to be as it is not the most flattering color for me.  So there you have it, Lillie’s plan, Indigotiger’s awesome “inspiration” contribution and my rambling.