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Treefrog's Butterfly Effect SWAP
« on: December 22, 2018, 06:27:23 AM »
My initial inspiration is coming from one of my fabrics.  Plenty of room to play with colour and prints  :) 

I'm thinking of calling the collection "The Butterfly Effect", with the pun on chaos theory intended!  To that end the 'plan' is very loose:  fill in the gaps in my wardrobe with a couple of neutrals and then add heaps of colour and prints.   In the true spirit of chaos theory, I'm not going to decide on fabrics, patterns etc until I start each project.  It will just evolve.

Bottom row are the neutrals.  Most likely use olive with  denim blue or charcoal.
Right columns are the accents (first col are lights, second are bolder)

Pre existing item
Blog Post :Denim jeans

Pre-start item
Blog Post : Mustard stripe T

First Outfit

Likely to be a bra and undies as it is an easy way to double/treble up on a colour or print.  It's a great project to do in a heatwave

My initial thought was a denim-look knit with black lace trim... but I don't necessarily need to restrict the colour to one of the neutrals

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