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March 20, 2019, 04:56:07 am


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Warpjr1965 Start with a coat SWAP (comments in Discussion Thread)

Started by warpjr1965, October 30, 2018, 07:47:23 pm

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I've had a harder time than I thought on this. I originally planned on using a scarf, but the color palette was too limited. I looked through some photos for inspiration, but I need to work mainly from stash, as usual, and none of them were quite right. Then I started looking through the fabric stash.

I think I have picked out an inspiration piece. This fabric (the top one):

IMG_1290 by wendyr, on Flickr

May be destined to become a fall coat, or long vest.  There are a lot of background colors to choose from, which should make pulling something cohesive together relatively easy, I hope. The purple below it may also become part of SWAP, unless it lands in CCL's dress challenge first. :)  I'll have to play around in the coming weeks to see what I have that would work. We'll see. Have made no specific plans yet.


Notes for myself:
I have firmed up the black wool as the base/inspiration for SWAP.
The purple  will do double duty as a Dress for CCL's challenge, and should be able to make an appearance for SWAP as well.
I've bought a lovely pink ponte from JoAnn Fabrics, which will likely become a pair of pants.

That's all I've got. I don't think I'll get through this SWAP without purchasing more fabric, we'll see.


Well, I should have named my SWAP "start with a dress" cause that is what i made first, rather than the coat.

No Pics yet, as the dress is part of CCLs challenge. I am pretty sure it will land here too. I've used a purple rayon jersey and finished up a dress I've had my eye on for a while: NL 6525, the cowl version with the ruffle hem. The jersey is so swingy that I've left the hem raw, I didn't want anything weighing it down.


Here is a picture of the first item, a wrap using KS 4031 and the inspiration fabric. Like Ruthie, I think this is destined to be a wildcard.

K4031_02 by wendyr, on Flickr

K4031_06 by wendyr, on Flickr

I should be able to cut the fashion fabric today.


All right, this will be my Plan post for this SWAP. I'll be editing as I go along.

Black wool Wrap
  • Wild card item/inspiration item

  • Jacket
  • Lace Tshirt
  • Pull on pants likely Jalie eleonore, SA barbs, or SA Elle

  • Sweater vest own design
  • Woven shirt
  • Wanderlust T DONE
  • Plantain T DONE
  • Swing T DONE/li]
    • Cropped jeans Burda

    • Jalie 2805 NEARLY DONE
    • Raglan T
    • Cowl swing T LN 6525

    • Jalie jeans
    • Cardigan
    • RTW tee shirt/li]
    • dress
    • skirt
    • jacket.

    • Floral print: T-shirt

    Too many items, but I have choices here. I'll start with shirts after the wrap is done, but if I want to make a jacket i can't leave it too late!  The pants have to wait as I plan to lose a few pounds first, famous last words.


OK, the Wrap needs snaps.

I've started on the Blue Items, but instead of making anything I've listed I made two Knit T-shirts instead. They are still blue though. :)

I did manage to get a white Jalie 2805 Tshirt cut out as planned.


A week later and I'm stalled. A cold has knocked me down.  I've looked at the plan above and I still like it. Hoping to finish the tops that I've already started, and get going on the Pink Eleanores. I'll have to grade them out, or perhaps really I need to re-print and tape the PDF, ugh. I'll try on the last pair I made first, before I cut either paper or fabric. I think the Pink ponte has more stretch than the last pair I made out of stretch denim, so that will make a difference.

ETA: Maybe I'll sew up the SA Barbs instead? Haven't made them in a few years, but they are more forgiving than either the Elles or the Jalie Eleonores. Hmm.


OOH! Just realized that maybe I could do a color blocked T with remnants from the blue rayon and the ivory rayon. Plans may need to change!!