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June 19, 2019, 08:50:31 pm


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Bessiecrocker's "Heimatli" SWAP19

Started by bessiecrocker, October 30, 2018, 05:17:11 am

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"Heimatli" translates as "Homeland."  My Swap collection is inspired by my (adoptive) home country, which has a long tradition of folk styles and fabric manufacturing. My interpration will suit my modern life, but be anchored in the simplicities of a past lifestyle. Colors and styles are limited, but, like the social network, other elements may be rich and intricate.

swap 19 Heimatli inspiration


Just to add...my inspiration did actually come from a scarf. When the rules came out, my thoughts immediately turned to a scarf I'd seen in a local store--and which I've been back to visit a few times.  I live in a place that once was the center of the westen world of silk, it's not too hard to find jaw dropping silk even today. At jaw dropping prices. My scarf was pretty expensive. So I mostly look and admire. You can look at some scarves here:


I've been pining over one of the ones at top left, couldn't decide on which color. I think it also comes in pink -- want that version, too, of course. The second row are "also rans", slightly less expensive, similar styles or modern versions. The first two in the third row are scarves in museum collections. Now, that's what I'd really like--beyond price. Under that is long scarf by a contemporary artist.  Affordable? Not. The black and red scarves in lower right are a folk style bandana type that is characteristic of a particular region near here...made of cotton. In my price range.
Once I started looking for swap, I found online the white scarf in upper right. It's silk, it's vintage, it now belongs to me. Yeah.


Where do you find all the beautiful silk scarves?  I never see any!
I even bought a book showing a multitude of ways to wear them, but cannot find a beautiful scarf.


the initial fabric "pile" from the stash. I also have an "extra pile" of fabric that looks  suitable, but which I need to mull over and think about how to use.

fibers include: wool. linen. cotton. rayon and cotton knit. denim. stretch something that probably has some wool in it.

I  had alot more red than I expected. I think my neutrals will be black and red with white as the accent. Who says a bright color like red can't be a neutral??

next step is to look at the other pile and check my amounts.


Lynda C, I will reply on the general comments thread.
Please post all comments on the SWAP 2019 comment thread rather than here. All comments appreciated!


The basic plan...

   1. BLACK, bottom, skirt, wool
   2. BLACK, bottom , pants, stretch wool
   3. RED, bottom, skirt, linen
   4. RED, bottom, pants, denim
   5. BLACK (charcoal grey)  Layer, jacket, woven cotton 
   6. BLACK (charcoal grey), Layer, sweater, wool yarn, handknit
   7. PRINT Top, mid grey and white embroidered, woven cotton
   8. RED, Top, Rayon knit
   9. WHITE, Top, cotton knit
   10. ??, Top
   11. PRINT, (charcoal grey) Dress, small geometric print, cotton knit


I've been musing on the concept of "red"... I look good in red, but it's not a color I wear alot. It's a bit too "out there" for my personality and for where I live. People tend to dress very conservatively and in somber colors. But, strangely, red is one of the brights that you see worn...almost like a neutral. For example, a fashionable, mostly understated woman will be in black, cream and grey...but carry a red purse. Go figure.

So I've been trying to figure out which "red" I'm using in my swap. There's a big selection. I look lousy in anything with orange in it, so I could rule out anything that goes in the direction of "brick." I don't have ther nerve to pull off "fire engine" and "scarlett." So I've settled on a purply red ... lots of blue mixed into the red! I don't know what the shade would be called...something in the direction of wine, mulberry, maroon, magenta, sangria, raspberry. Some of my fabrics actually go very pink.  So think rosé to burgundy, and don't get nit-picky. Just enjoy sipping the wine!