Author Topic: fashions for bilateral mastectomy patients, without reconstruction  (Read 3342 times)

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I'm an active, fashion conscious, 60 year old who has had a bilateral mastectomy.  The initial attempt at reconstruction has failed, and while there are other options, I'm considering life just as I am, without prostheses of any sort.

I'd like to have a small repertoire of attractive blouses, dresses or wraps which form a subtle disguise... patterns that might add some small amount of volume in the bust, without calling stark attention to the area.  For instance, I do have a cleverly designed shawl which for the mathematically inclined, is a mobious strip.  Think of taking a narrow strip of paper, giving it one twist, and then attaching the ends.  You now have the extra volume of the twist in the chest area.  It's attractive, but also gets the job done. 

What design details do you suggest?  Darts and princess seams are out; bias draping is in? 

While apparently there is a very high percentage of women that don't pursue reconstruction, I suspect many would also forgo prostheses (in the case of bilateal) if we had fashion options. Your advice is much appreciated.

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Re: fashions for bilateral mastectomy patients, without reconstruction
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This is not totally applicable to your situation, but you have reminded me of a friend who had a double mastectomy and decided against reconstruction.  She often wears blouse and dresses with button-front openings; the extra structure provides some shaping and visual distraction.  Also, she looks good in loose jackets, worn open.  She always looks attractive.  I think with a little experimentation you will be able to do very well.
Anne C.

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Re: fashions for bilateral mastectomy patients, without reconstruction
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I read a Vogue fashion magazine article several years ago written by a woman who had a single breast removed and what she wore afterwards. It was a very interesting journey as she was more fashion obessed than the average woman.
She really went all out with texture, interesting fabrics, asymetrical styles, soft scarves, wraps etc. I think she had some painful scar tissue so softness was very important to her. She really liked silk shells and so on next to her skin.
I enjoyed a lot of the styles she chose because they were artistically interesting garments, fabrics with texture etc.

I'm naturally small busted and whilst sometimes I wear my padded bras and try to look like an hourglass other days I ignore that idealised form and pick things I really like. Layers work very well for me often having a cami/sleeveless tee with a print knit top, necklace, giant pashmia scarf and a jacket or cardi.
The layers give interest, as to the accessories, and bring focus up to the face.
Loose shirts with breast pockets are great. I can't seem to feel comfortable in fitted shirts.
I also like cowls and soft decoration like tees with ruffles, fabric flowers etc - again add texture and interest.


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