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How to Post Photos
« on: November 07, 2018, 08:23:32 PM »
Posting Photos on SG

Using the Attachments Option when Posting:

1. Click Attachments and Other Options just below the posting window.
2. In the Attach section, browse to the photo stored in your computer, select it, and click Open in the folder window
3. The photo will appear when you click "Post".

Embedding a photo within the body of a post:

From a website/’blog:

1. Go to the website or ‘blog and find the photo you want to share here.

2. Right-click on that photo if using a PC. If using a Mac, Control-Click.

3. For Internet Explorer: select Properties from the drop down menu. In the middle of that window you will see URL: http://. That is the beginning of the URL that you need to copy and paste here. Be sure to copy the whole long string of code.

For Mozilla, right-click on the photo and select “Copy Image Location” from the drop-down menu.

4. Come back to SG and position your cursor in your post. Paste the copied information.

5. Highlight that entire string of code that you just pasted and click on the little picture icon at the top of your post.

6.  When you then click Post or Preview, the picture will appear within your post.
If you have a Mac,  in Step 3 above, Control-Click on the photo on the website or 'blog and select "Copy Image Address"

Using a photo-hosting site like Flickr:

1.  Go to Flickr and click on the photo that you want to share here. That opens the photo in its own window

2. In the lower right hand corner, click on the little curvy arrow (the Share This Photo arrow).

3. In the box that opens, select "BB code" on the right side just above the little window that shows the code.

4. Select the photo size you want. "Small" or "Medium" work good here.

5. Highlight the code in the box (if it's not already highlighted), copy it, come back here, and paste that code into your post. (Note: You do not have to do anything else (like clicking on the little picture icon). Just paste the code that you copied from Flickr)

6. When you select "Post" or "Preview" you will be able to see your photo in the post.
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